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Mike C May 6, 2001

  1. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter


    I just saw "Suddenly" as a collection of film noir movies. There are some very nice Black Widow F7 pictures there. It focuses on a small town train station where the president is about to make a flag stop. Frank Sinatra stars.
  2. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    "End of The Line" with Kevin Bacon and Wilford Brimley. Two guys run a locomotive from Arkansas to Chicago to protest closing the railroad. It is pretty corny, but it isn't too bad if you can get past the numerous inaccuracies.
  3. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    It's been on Turner Classic Movies lately. It is a very good movie.

    Here is a link. Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman.

    I think The Train is one of the best. Real engines and real wrecks. Burt Lancaster did all his own stunts and locomotive operation.
  4. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    Its Alive

    I never would have guessed when I started this post that It would come alive the way it has. I pretty much forgot about it till I found it again a few minutes ago. It was good to look back and remember some of the old friends that are no longer with us....Mike
  5. billmtx

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    I agree that "The Train" with Burt Lancaster is one of the best... But lets not overlook Buster Keaton in "The General" His stunts still draws a good chuckle out of me.
  6. billmtx

    billmtx TrainBoard Member

    My Vote for the Best Train Movie

    I quite agree with you Adam. "The General" is my Number 1 Pick for the Best Train Movie of all time. The movie is about the Great Locomotive Chase during the American Civil War. Although it is a Silent Movie, it doesn't need Sound to keep you spellbond. Buster Keaton's stunts and acrobatics are outstanding. He actually broke his neck in one of the stunts.... and still got up to finish the scene. His Facial expressions have earned him the Title of "Ole Stoneface". When Greenberg Publishing sponsored their Train and Dollhouse Shows... they always had a room reserved to show "The General".. It was a hit for Young and Old.

    I recommend everyone to see it... at least 3 times.... I think I have seen it at least 12 times and still enjoy it the same as the first time.

    Bill :thumbs_up:
  7. FriscoCharlie

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    Picnic is a good movie that I recently watched. It is not a train movie but railroad footage is prominent throughout. The main character in the movie arrives via freight train (and eventually departs the same way).

    Throughout, there are numerous places where up close railroad footage is prominent.

  8. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Staff Member

    I have the DVD for The Station Agent (2001). It is really funny. There is one scene where it has a bunch of geek and curmudgeon rail fans who sit around watching old 8mm home movies with boring narrations showing some steam excursions. The story is about a guy who inherits an old depot that is still track side and decides to move into it. A lot of trespassing on railroad property but all and all a fun movie.

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