So what sticks in your craw?

Inkaneer Aug 23, 2019

  1. leikec

    leikec TrainBoard Member

    My inability to get Atlas C55 turnouts to provide reliable operation, and my inability to find anyone selling assembled FastTracks turnouts. I only need four or five turnouts.

    Jeff C
  2. acptulsa

    acptulsa TrainBoard Member

    I figured out a long time ago that trying to get Americans to use the Queen's English is pointless.
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  3. tonkphilip

    tonkphilip TrainBoard Member

    Jeff, Jim Kelly ex-MR, has written several helpful articles in MR on how to make Atlas C55 turnouts reliable on his layout where he runs long trains and steep grades. One item that I remember, is to use a length of straight track before the turnout. I have found his MR articles on the Internet. - Tonkphilip
  4. leikec

    leikec TrainBoard Member

    Thanks, I'll do some searching for those articles. I have one FastTracks turnout, which I bought on that auction site some years ago, and it is smooth as silk--far better than anything else both in appearance and performance.

    Jeff C
  5. tonkphilip

    tonkphilip TrainBoard Member

    Jeff, The articles are called:
  6. Rich_S

    Rich_S TrainBoard Member

    No, I would say you did the right thing by calling 9-1-1. No matter what you did or didn't do, that did not give that driver the right to be judge and jury. I've had many people do stupid things, all I did was screamed at the windshield, got it out of my system and continued on. Back when I was on the road, there was an unwritten code, to look out for one another and if you couldn't stop to help if someone was broke down along side the road, at least get a hold of the police on the CB with the mile marker. Not sure if they still do, but the police use to monitor CB channels 9 and 19.

    One last thing, I fear too many drivers today have forgotten the Truckers Prayer.

    Dear God above bless this truck I drive
    And help me keep someone alive
    Be my mortal sight this day
    On the street where little children play
    Make my judgment sound as steel
    And be my hands upon the wheel
    Bless the traveler going past
    And teach them not to go so fast
    Give me strength for every trip
    So I may care for what they ship
    And make me mindful every mile
    That life is just a little while... Amen
  7. tehachapifan

    tehachapifan TrainBoard Member

    Spooky driving story...

    A couple year ago I was southbound on a two-lane stretch of I-95 with the Mrs. in our Ford Explorer somewhere between Idaho and Winnemucca, NV, when ahead coming in the other direction I could see a big rig on my side passing other big rigs. He was clearly not going to make it back over in time and I had to bail off the side of the road. Did so just as this rig goes roaring past. He was still pretty much neck and neck with the lead trig he was passing. He wasn't even going to be close to getting back over and the speed limit out there was 70 or 75 I think. Luckily nobody behind me got hit either. Can't help but think that he had a mental lapse and thought he was on a freeway or something.
  8. Rich_S

    Rich_S TrainBoard Member

    I think you mean US-95, I-95 runs along the East Coast of the United States between the US / Canadian Custom's in Maine and Miami FL. and yes that sounded like a big time mental lapse, thank God no one was hurt or killed.

    On a side note, every time I hear someone mention the town of Winnemucca, I think of this song

    yes driving a truck late at night and eating in truck stops back in the day tended to expose you to a lot of country music. Most people know the artist who performed the above song from his big hit single "Convoy" but I'll bet a lot of folks didn't know he released 8 albums during his career. I own the first four.
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  9. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    OK so I have one here. I used to model HO scale for many many years, I know it's a sickness, but after I got all better I started modeling N scale. I ran into some random plastic "I" beam shapes from a non model source (old dead Kenwood CD changer) and I thought that wow these would make great barriers for my dead end. So I carefully cut them out and paint them white, then I went to put them on the layout and realized they were larger than the N scale cars... but they would have been perfect for HO scale.
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  10. Hardcoaler

    Hardcoaler TrainBoard Member

    Boy, it's been my lucky week for winning gift cards from retailers! Yessir. In my spam folder are similar e-mails from CVS, Apple, Walmart, Capital One and Home Depot all informing me that I've won some great stuff and a click will bring wonderful things. Gee, such nice folks.
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  11. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    Just wait you will be getting phony emails from the major antivirus firms also you lucky guy.
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  12. sd90ns

    sd90ns TrainBoard Member

    A couple of winters ago, on I-40 westbound there were snowy/icy road conditions and there was an accident that blocked the left lane. Everybody was in the right lane driving about 20mph with their emergency lights flashing.

    Some trucker decided that he had had enough with all these "Slow moving cars" so he proceeded to move into the left lane and was passing that long line of cars at probably 40mph or so when suddenly he realized that there was a reason all those cars were in the right lane doing 20mph, that there was an accident up ahead and there were emergency response vehicles blocking the left lane and he was going to plow into them.

    Unfortunately for him he couldn't get back into the right lane without obliterating a couple of dozen cars and there wasn't enough distance for him to stop.
    Thus he did the only thing he could, he drove his 18-Wheeler into the center median and rolled it over on its side.

    Now there are two accidents that have to be cleaned up.

    Would you like me to tell you about the two truckers that blocked an ambulance's progress on I-40 for more than 15 miles?
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  13. jtomstarr

    jtomstarr TrainBoard Member

    What sticks in your craw?

    On JULY 13, 2021 I Received a to who it may concern Letter . The middle of the Letter was highly negative.

  14. Shortround

    Shortround TrainBoard Member

    "What stuck in my craw?" In summers while still in high school I worked for a canning company. In the spring I drove the semi full of seed and fertilizer, out in the country. If there were kids outside they would make the motion to blow the air horn. But, the company refused to put one on there truck. YUK!!

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