Sixth Annual International Spring Layout Party

okane Jan 24, 2008

  1. okane

    okane TrainBoard Supporter

    Sixth Annual International Spring Layout Party

    It is back the Spring Layout Party established in 2002. The Party has traditionally been hosted in the Layout Design Forum.

    Why International; Trainboard has members from over 75 countries, so this is truly an international forum. So we are looking for involvement from the international community that is Trainboard.

    Please review the rules for Layout Party, get ready and let the party begin. Kick off date is Friday February 1st 2008 and will be end on March 21, 2008, the first day of spring.

    Fellow Modelers

    We know you're out there. Yeah you, and you, and you with the potato chip hanging off your lip and the half drunk coke sitting beside We know you're not working on your layout as much as you hoped to. Well what we are proposing is a layout party for a 7 week period - a layout design self help group.

    The purpose of the group is to encourage others to get out of their armchair and do some more work on the layout. And also to motivate you (and us) to do more work on our layout. We are hoping we can get a small group (but no one will be rejected) of people who will be committed to posting their work on the layout from the following week. This means for 7 weeks you are committed to posting once a week (or more – several did). We will of course congratulate those who work on their layout, and encourage those who haven't.


    1. In your first post please post a picture if possible of the area on your layout that you intend to work on

    2. Brief description of your layout to present, with what you want to accomplish in the next 7 weeks (don't make it grandiose is my recommendation).

    3. On a weekly basis post a Brief description of what you hope to accomplish in the next week.

    4. A commitment to posting once a week describing what you have or have not done. It is important to report if you have "fallen off the wagon (not worked on the layout" all are human here, and we can encourage you to repair the wagon wheel). You can include pictures, problems you have encountered, get bragging rights around the cooler, etc. I’m looking for you to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

    5. A commitment to not fudging your reply so that you look better than you are really doing. By joining this group, you are acknowledging already that you haven't worked on the layout as much as you know you should have. The idea here is for us to have some fun and act as an electronic round robin self help group. When I have others coming over to my home to help me build, I am more efficient because I have to plan and prepare, then work when they arrive. Well, this is the internet round robin group, we may not be able to physically help you out, but we can support you and your efforts.

    6. At the end of the Layout Party you are pleased asked to post a picture of your accomplishments.

    Many had a good time with this format. It was not uncommon to hear people say they had accomplished more work on their layout in the short time we ran the thread than they had in long time. Many posted pictures, asked questions, helped others, moaned about their problems, and encouraged others through their problem. We are including the threads to the some of our past layout parties if you want to check out what happened and what is expected out of you. This is hosted at in the “Layout Design” forum; We have found it is easier to keep track of one longer thread there than in some other forums. Also Trainboard has free Image hosting (picture hosting) so you might want to take advantage of that forum. You have to join the Trainboard to participate, but it is free.

    If you have any problems joining trainboard or posting pics, let us know. And I will get some one to assist you.

    Past Layout Party Threads for Reference

    2007 - Spring Layout Party

    Fifth Annual International Spring Layout Party -

    2005 – Spring Layout Party

    2004 – Spring Layout Party

    2003 – Spring Layout Party

    2002 – Spring Layout party
  2. Ed M

    Ed M Passed away May 2012 In Memoriam

    I'm in. The last meaningful progress I made on my layout was during the 2005 party, so I'm hoping that this one will get me back out of the armchair and into modeling. In reading through my introduction in the 2005 party thread, I see that many of the things that I had as exceptions at that time are still not done. I'll have to spend a few moments coming up with a realistically achievable mission statement.


  3. HemiAdda2d

    HemiAdda2d Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I'd like to get scenery in South Draw installed, and rough-scenicked. I know that's not much, but figure in the family vacation I'm taking in March, and 3 weeks is gone already.
    I would also like to get a finished scene done. I'm shooting for the Tunnel 8-10 area as my goal for a finished diorama worth of scenery.

    Here's the scene I wanna finish:


    It is supposed to look like this when I finish:


    And the area I want to build scenery into:


    It's not gonna be a perfect match, but I just hope to catch the flavor of this awe-inspiring view:

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  4. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Git 'er Done!

    Well, I certainly am up to the challenge! I was pretty proud when looking back at last year...I actually accomplished all the goals I set! Not in the seven weeks, but in the 52...that's progress!

    Goals (Current completion % in parenthesis):
    -Finish "first pass" of detection/transponding/signalling plan. (15%; see blog for more details)
    -Finish laying track and wiring feeders on the bottom level. (50%)
    -Get detection installed and working for hidden staging/Fort Worth. (5%)
    -Lay roadbed/track on top level section to get it ready for testing and connection to bottom level. (20%)
    -Finish building, painting, and weathering Walthers truss bridge (50%)
    Optional (Current completion % in parenthesis):
    -Weather track on bottom level. (0%)
    -Install Tortoise machines on bottom level (0%)
    -Get transponding working in staging (0%)

    Area to work on (the whole layout) :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. David R

    David R TrainBoard Member

    Does a photo of an empty garage count? :D
  6. okane

    okane TrainBoard Supporter

    Yes, can we count you in
  7. ppuinn

    ppuinn Staff Member

    I'm in! I've got 3 areas I want to work on:

    1. Modeling structures and scenery: I'll probably continue work on the Kellar Branch...I haven't done much in that area since last year's party... and I want to put in a road bridge over the PPU East Peoria Yard and some grass, trees, and small structures around the yard.

    2. Simplifying operations: I want to master my DS64s and set up my turnouts with some cascading routes. My hope is to have a dispatcher key in the routes so the operators end up on the tracks that will take them to where they're supposed to go.

    3. Decoder installation: I've got several decoders to put into some Kato NW2s and an Atlas RS1. The RS1 will be my first hardwired installation...all others have been plug and play.
  8. Cleggie

    Cleggie TrainBoard Member

    Yep... count me in, I had a lot of fun last time around working on my HO layout (that sadly is no more) and hope to have even more fun this time round working on my new N scale double decker.

    Over the seven weeks I hope to make a decent back drop for the upper level and begin applying scenic layers, construct some tunnels and cuttings, that sort of thing.

    I am a lot happier with my N scale layout than I was with my HO one. It just fits the room better and provides lots of challenges. SO... BRING IT ON BABY!
  9. David R

    David R TrainBoard Member

    Maybe next spring, I might have decided on a plan by then....
  10. Another ATSF Admirer

    Another ATSF Admirer TrainBoard Member

    Hey, you forgot one!:

    Winter Weather Layout Workout Party 2006
    Ran from 31 December 2005 to 14 February 2006. Incidentally the last one I partook of..

    Tempted to sign up again, looking back at how much I got done last time. Two concerns though:
    • 7 weeks from now is Mid March; and that's officially "we all go crazy" month at work. :eh-wacko:
    • I've already been working fairly steadily on my layout since sometime before Christmas; so I may well run out of steam before then

    But I'm still tempted to try it again; just that I may taper off / pass out come March 1.

    At the end of 24 January 2008, my "layout" looks like this:
    [​IMG] | [​IMG] | (click to enlarge)

    Wooden framing is the lower / staging deck, white brackets sticking out will support the main / scenicked deck - home to Duck River (just over the monitor)

    Numbers on the photos refer to Things that I was planning on doing next, in no particular order:
    1. Staging deck, fiddle yard; build modules that sit on the pictured framing but with track on top
    2. Hang backdrop off pictured horizontal "furring strips" and paint it.
    3. Helix Goes Here

    Your challenge: achieve something before March 21. Very well, I accept!

    I shall achieve one or more of the following before the end of Friday 21 March:
    • run a train on the staging deck
    • run a train up the helix
    • have a blue backdrop on the wall for the main deck
    Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to wait until 1 February to get started! :D
  11. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman TrainBoard Member

    I was so bad last time that I think I just dropped off of the page. To redeem myself, I am going to pick up where I left off.

    I want to complete this triangular shaped city block and building. At the beginning of the last party, there was nothing there:

    This is where I will start this time:
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  12. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    I need an incentive to get to work. I lost time due to shoulder surgery and susbsequent recovery (still have restricted range of motion, but I'm taking PT for that), and other home-related chores have taken my time.

    So far, I have mainline and staging track laid, with spurs "roughed-in". I need to go back & straighten out some kinks here & there, but that's no big deal. I've also solved some sagging problems on the door, so it's now level again.

    Scenery is non-existent, and only 2 buildings are located (grain elevator and paper mill). I'll post pics as I get time.

    All in all, I'd like to join this party! :D
  13. Hytec

    Hytec TrainBoard Member

    I haven't joined in the past, but let's try it...excellent motivation.

    This is the start about 1/1/08....


    And a few days later.....


    And a sketch of the eventual goal.....


    I hope to have basic track laid by March. I'll post a status photo in a day or two, now that my camera is back from the camera hospital....:tb-biggrin:
  14. gtMark

    gtMark TrainBoard Member

    Well, This would be my first time.. So I'll get some photos together, and thenpost my game plan of things to accomplish. This will be great motivation.
  15. bigpine

    bigpine TrainBoard Member

    That set up is out standing!I only wish I had the same setup that far along for my "N" scale,nice and clean looking,great work!!
  16. Wolfgang Dudler

    Wolfgang Dudler Passed away August 25, 2012 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    Me too!

    I'm busy with my module Diamond Valley. And I want to get all wiring done, ready for operation. On March 27, there will be the annual FREMO meeting and I want to participate with this module.
    I hope to get some details to the track and basic scenery.That means at least painting the track and ballast. Until now only one segment is wired and with turnout actuation. That means, four turnouts are ready. And 14 more are waiting.
    Quite some work. And I'm away the first Feb weekend and one week beginning March to a exhibition. Time I can not work at the module - but I have to run trains. :angel:

  17. RRfan

    RRfan TrainBoard Member

    i am in i want to patch Grass all over the layout put some more people in and put in some more scenery and weather a tunnel portal on the layout
  18. gtMark

    gtMark TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the great idea, and a way to move me forward on my layout, I made some fall tree's this evening, and placed them approximately where they will be on the layout. Although, I need many more trees made!
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    DOUBLEJK TrainBoard Member

    I'm in...
    This is sure to help me stay motivated on my new endevor...:tb-biggrin:

    I hope to have my benchwork done and some staging and main layout track up and running...including the floodloader at the mine...

    Progress will be good I hope...

    Here is where I am now.

  20. riverotter1948

    riverotter1948 TrainBoard Member

    One of my New Year's Resolutions for 2008 was to do something
    with my trains for at least 15 minutes every day to move my new
    layout forward. As of yesterday I haven't missed a day yet. There's
    so much to do sometimes its hard to tell I've done anything ;-) but
    I'm keeping at it. I think this Layout Party will be a great way to
    help me focus on a specific project so I see some tangible results I
    can point to in 7 weeks.

    1. Picture of the area on your layout that you intend to work on:
    I want to work on the proposed north staging yard

    Current view from the west end:

    Overhead view of week 1 work area:

    2. Layout to present:
    About 70% of the benchwork is done. I have a carpenter helping
    me get the rest of it finished.
    The basic track plan is done. I've created a list of industries I
    have / need and I've started planning their locations on the

    What I want to accomplish in the next 7 weeks:
    Lay all the track for my six-through-track staging yard. The
    mainline has been laid along with two turnouts for the East
    end of the staging yard.

    3. What I hope to accomplish in the coming week:
    Week of Feb 1 - Feb 7: Lay the remaining 4 turnouts at the
    east end

    Modest goals, yes, but the rules suggested avoiding the grandiose ;-)

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