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Colonel Mar 29, 2013

  1. vince p

    vince p TrainBoard Member

    Ka-Ching a little bit of fundage expenditure going there

    Looks great y'all
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  2. Kevin Anderson

    Kevin Anderson TrainBoard Member

    Yeah it was a bit pricey but I have been looking for these for a while now. Saw them and jumped on them before anyone else could. The LHS hadn’t even put them in inventory yet.
  3. DarthMoose74

    DarthMoose74 TrainBoard Member

    Thank you to everyone that has given my Model Railroad builds a look see. Here is the newest one as of this morning. Such an awesome community of people!
  4. grymg

    grymg TrainBoard Member

    HO Walthers Mainline Ace. Found a DCC Sound loco that fit my price range, and I don't really miss the details. I ended up using the $100 I saved from not buying a Genesis towards a DCC Starter set.
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  5. jimfitch

    jimfitch TrainBoard Member

    I built the same kit about 15 year ago. I don't recall having any issues with the head-house that goes on top of the silo's. I did brush paint silver on the corrugated roofs in the direction of the corrugations and it improved the look.

    IMO, the most important and challenging part was to assemble the silo's and get rid of the seam where the major parts joined. I joined the parts by "painting" on Tanex 7R from the inside, which welded the parts. Tanex is no longer available but there are other weld adhesives available to use instead these days. I liked it because in the past when gluing together major wall panels, it was hard to hold them while the glue set up and they would often start coming apart when waiitng for them to bond. With the weld, the parts bond together quickly making building assembly much easier.

    I used Squadron Green putty to fill the seams and wet sanded them to get a very smooth finish, which totally hid them. Then I spray painted the structure to get an even white finish. I haven't weather it yet.

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