Questions about KATO And Atlas Locomotives

SteveN-trainz May 29, 2018

  1. pdavidson

    pdavidson TrainBoard Member

    Love my Kato's. Smooth and trouble free. Atlas can be a hit/miss. I have some that do great and others that struggle. I have purchased some used ones and I suspect my problem ones came from my used stack. My biggest beef with Atlas is their newer slow/scale speed motors. I do DCC and try to speed match my locos to my throttle settings. No problem with Kato or a fast speed Atlas but the slow speed Atlas will not respond in the same way. I have a workaround that I use to coordinate speed to my throttles but I would prefer that they all work the same way. I have some Atlas locos that I want to include in a consist and having a fast and slow motor in same consist is a problem. I have a fast motor replacement on order from Atlas so I can make this consist work together right.

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