New N-Scale Layout - Mountain Based

Mad_Mader Dec 16, 2011

  1. paulus

    paulus TrainBoard Member

    hi Nlevo,
    i have misread his drawing, saw his indication of 3% near the beginning of his "upper" station. I did assume the passing sidings were flat. His lable 2,5% is near the start of that station, thought it belonged to the spurs above it. If you build the passing sidings on a grade.......though not indicated in Hemi's drawing.
    What remains is a 2,5% rise in 45" of distance. Which is more then 5% up, not in line with the 2% he suggested. Compensated for easements alone the steepest part will have to be 7%. Add extra drag for the curves..........
  2. alexkmmll

    alexkmmll TrainBoard Member

    The track plan seems interesting, but awefully complicated. Have you ever considered building a modulized layout? If some of your issues have been both money and the fact that you move often, having a layout that you can work on progressively and be able to take apart would be extremely beneficial in your situation. Just a thought though, of course.

    Best of luck on your layout,

  3. Mad_Mader

    Mad_Mader TrainBoard Member

    I have actually been thinking about modular layouts that can be broken apart and reconnected. Was looking at ways to make things fit into a 4X2 or a 4X3 layout design but when connected they compliment each other and seem to be one large layout when connected. I have been drawing up plans but have not drawn anything that I like so far. I have been busy as crazy at work and havent even had a chance to work with my son's on their Thomas layout. I have been building some timber tunnel portals in the little bit of spare time that I have ( for the Thomas layout ) I have gotten 3 of the 4 we need built so hopefully I can get a track plan that I like drawn up here soon.

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