Kato Announces New Amtrak Runs: EMD F40PH in DC/DCC and Amfleet II phase III

gdmichaels Oct 13, 2017

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    You can expect more Amtrak products from Kato this February and March. The company recently announced plans to re-release its EMD F40PH Phase III "pre-ditch light" version. These engines are meant to match the newly announced re-release of Kato's Amtrak Amfleet II Phase III cars.

    EMD F40PH
    Kato last released the EMD F40PH in 2010. This new release will be available in three new road numbers and come in both DC ($115) and DCC ($155) versions.

    Some product features include: body-mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers, powerful five pole motor with all wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels, and retooled bodies with over-cab A/C units and illuminated ditch lights.

    Amtrak Amfleet II, Phase III paint scheme
    This Amtrak car will be available in 2-car sets ($55.00)(2 coaches; a cafe car and a baggage car).


    Amtrak Amfleet II Phase III cars

    Here is a link to the Kato website.
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    Cool stuff!

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