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minesweeper Feb 27, 2018

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    Hallo folks,
    this is the LAST update for a very long time, today I had to box the modules. But I took advantage and shot some more pictures, this time we are in the late 60s, not in the early 80s of the previous set.

    An ALN 556 railcar (background, it is quite camouflaged) arrives from Castel di Sangro, in the foreground a beer car waits for unloading on the team track.
    The brewery will be part of my layout.

    A few minutes later, a light local (80 tons) arrives from Avezzano pulled by a FS class 940 2-8-2T in its final years

    The 556 goes to the fueling station
    While another 940 is ready to replace the one just arrived
    At the freight shed a wooden baggage has quite some time for loading as it can not go with the 940 without exceeding the tonnage on the 3% climb, and has to wait for the daily freight.

    The freight is being blocked and weighted anyway....
    (the flatcar looks american, yes it is a former USATC flat from WW2)

    Afrer a while...

    Now it is time for the two passengers trains to depart

    Yes, the layout will actually depart in 15 days for Rome (ITALY, not NY), see you in some months.

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    Time to start again but, first things first, I spent the last 18 months carving a space for the layout in my garage; basically I used old kitchen cabinets to replace the open IKEA shelving I had all around the garage, now I have 20+ feet on one side, 10 on the back and another 15 on the other side for a total of more than 40 feet for the U shaped shelf.
    In the picture two of the modules (still packed) on the portion of shelf where the station will be.
    I was almost going to finally unpack when I noticed it would be better to prepare the lighting BEFORE putting the modules in place, so i devised a plan you can see in the picture below
    LIGHTING SCHEME.001.jpeg
    The idea is to imitate a cold winter day (it is March and we are about 4000ft over sea level) using cool white LED strips as primary lighting.
    (50 cm is about 20 inches, 70 cm is about 2 feet 4 inches, the dashed line is the shelf bracket)
    All strips will be dimmable IAW the different colour (warm, cool, RGBW).
    One continuous strip behind the valence, and one at the back to avoid shadows against the back drop (this one will not be continuous due to the shelving brackets).
    For the valence I do not know if it is better to put the LED on an inclined stripe of wood (upper scheme), or put them directly on the back of the valence; i am afraid the first idea will cast shadows which I do not really want as it is supposed to be overcast.
    Furthermore I am considering if it would be sound to put some 3/6 LED stripes behind the valence with a separate dimmer to balance the light.
    Then I will put some 3/6 RGBW LED stripes in the middle to have night lighting.

    Do you think this is a sound plan?
    Are there hidden flaws accoding to your experience / knowledge?
    Shall i put the main LED inclined or flat to the valence?
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    Little by little i was able to get the lighting done, so the final result is in the image below (one section had a bad contact)

    just remind the layout is in wintertime and the sky is overcast, that is why there is cool and not a warmer light
    I also put a dimmer and a volt/amperometer just to make sure I do not overload the power supply
    view dimmer.jpeg
    next picture is a test for shades, using an old diorama that got damaged due to heat (you can see the resin of the pond surging), looks promising even if the layout will be 3 inches higher as I do not see any distinct shading
    view 663.jpeg
    the train is a dummy ALn 663 DMU of the Italian State Railways

    There is no RGB line and warm white yet, as I did not have the time to get them on

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