Ignorance of Model Railroad History

YoHo Jun 19, 2013

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  1. BoxcabE50

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    Good for you. Still waiting for you to do the same, providing actually useful stats.

    Huh? I never said they were presentable. We have them. I'm just not going to do the leg work for someone who feels his opinions are fact, and dislaims all other comers of the same.

    All the while you continue ignoring the enormous impact the electronic/computer era has inflicted on printed matter- Not just this hobby, but all printed matter. Many a magazine has folded, as have newspapers. They have floundered, tried mergers, reducing print frequencies and a fair number have tried e-Zine format, with and without success. It is not just model railroading. The assumption you put forth in further personal opinion simply falls flat, ignoring this global shift in mediums. Unless you can factor this in, those numbers presented still fail to carry your insisting of our demise.
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