How-To: MTL Huskys to Drawbar Units

HoboTim Oct 7, 2007

  1. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Digging this one out from the archives, but it's a great thread so no guilt here. :cool: Any additional details about the hardware used? It looks like they are 0-80 slotted panhead brass machine screws, right? Any idea what length? I want to go ahead and just order them online instead of searching around all over Dallas for them and then find out they're the wrong length, etc. Figured no sense in guessing if someone had the answer.

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  2. HoboTim

    HoboTim TrainBoard Supporter

    Yes 0-80 brass screws.

    Don't worry about a size, you will need to file or Dremel them to a size in order to fit the walk way across!

    You can use flat brass for the draw bars or you could use the original etched drawbars. While going through some boxes a few weeks ago I found about 20 sets that I didn't know I still had. Each set has 9 drawbars.

    I believe the BN draw bars called for some custom printed decals too. Can't remember. I can't make them right now but if you have an ALPS MD printer and CorelDraw I can send the program to you so you can print them for yourself. I may also have artwork for decals for a TTX version but not sure.

    Just saying.

    I have CorelDraw 18 which should allow me to save drawings to any previous versions.

    Hobo Tim
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  3. SJ Z-man

    SJ Z-man TrainBoard Member

    Doug, thanks for the bump! As I am retiring, the modular home layout will be built meaning that I can leave more 'everyday' stuff on the layout rather than boxed for shows !

    Tim, thank you for making all these optimized kits over the years.
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  4. HoboTim

    HoboTim TrainBoard Supporter

    No problem Jeff. I still have a few more thingZ up my sleeves. Hoping to get them out soon. Please don't ask cause I'm not yet in a telling mood. Rest assured, for the most part, it will be mostly modern.

    There's still a lot left in me. It's been a slow start thanks to life but I can actually see that the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact not a locomotive heading my way! :sneaky:

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  5. HoboTim

    HoboTim TrainBoard Supporter

    And more Intermodal in Z!!!
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