How many locos do you have?

N-builder Mar 13, 2010

  1. Charlie Vlk

    Charlie Vlk TrainBoard Member

    I started in N Gauge in 1964.
    I have not counted. I started to do an inventory of my equipment about eight years ago and a preliminary count of the freight cars was so scary I did not continue.
    Here's an example of the situation:
    I started off intending to use Alco FAs for my main diesel motive power. The first generation were MRC FAs that I thought I would use a combination of Con-Cor PA and Rapido FA1 body parts to make decent looking shells out of. This fleet is long gone, sold or scrapped out.
    The second generation was Atlas/Roco FA1s. A B unit was kitbashed and I also picked up an epoxy shell from JnJ or someone's kitbash.
    The third generation was Life-Like FA/FB2s. A and B units with the plastic frame. Enough A units were picked up to power the dummy B units.
    The fourth generation is Life-Like FA/FB1 and FA/FB2s. These have been bought in enough numbers to more than replace all that preceeded them.
    Same story, less generations, with PA/PB and DL109 passenger power.
    Suffice it to say the Galesburg & Savanna is going to have a garage sale some day soon!
    Charlie Vlk
  2. Espeeman

    Espeeman TrainBoard Member

    In all, forty. Two in Z, six in HO, thirty-two in N. No shelf queens! :D No telling how many I've bought and then sold on ebay but what I have is good quality and I use all of it.
  3. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    I'm pretty selective as to what I purchase. When I started back in this hobby three years ago I purchased anything that was cheap on e-bay. And I don't mean anything and everything I did decide to purchase specific road names I was just looking for the cheapest deals on the net. WOW what a big mistake that was I got some junk stuff that I had to send back right away. So I decided to do research and found that I still can't go wrong with Atlas. So my number one search is always atlas and then there are the rest like Kato, Intermountain and Life Like no Brachmann (bachmann) for me I don't like them at all.
  4. Chaya

    Chaya TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks for that--but I for one don't feel bad at all. It's curious to me how many people want "more" stuff. I've never actually wanted "more" stuff. Just enough.

    How much is enough may be the question, I dunno. For me that number is quite small. I often look at my collection of 15 locos and a bunch of rolling stock and say, "Oops. Think I may have gone a little overboard."
  5. Tudor

    Tudor TrainBoard Member

    Well, I said 30. But just did a rough count after aquiring a decent orphan from a friend here. I have just over 40 active locomotives, and a handful of "projects". I don't have any new locomotive purchases that I know of soon. Unless a good deal pops up, or I see something that makes me cry, so my count should stand for now. I'm content.

  6. SleeperN06

    SleeperN06 TrainBoard Member

    I haven’t been doing this that long so I don’t have much to talk about, but I think that after I complete a layout that I’m going to keep for a while and I don’t have to spend anymore money on that, I will be buying more a lot more locos. There certainly are quite a few that would like to have right now, but I got to keep focused and complete the layouts 1st. Only problem is, that I got 3 layouts going on. I was telling my wife just the other day that can’t wait until everything is complete and I can just sit back and enjoy.

    Today I counted them up and I was actually surprised to come up with 26 locos. Six are DCC equipped even though I haven’t quite got my system working yet, and I will equip at least 8 to 10 others for DCC. I’m keeping the rest DC because some of the locos are not DCC ready and to difficult to convert so I’ll always have at least one layout for DC only. My only problem is remembering what is DCC or not. I need some sort of marking system.:pbaffled:
  7. Espeeman

    Espeeman TrainBoard Member

    I'm with ya. I don't have a desire to roster countless locos (though I don't feel there's anything wrong in doing so. It's quite amazing to see). I have this thing about maintaining focus and for me that keeps the number low. Some guys have a broader focus than me. I tend to buy things in pairs even if they are painted differently (ie; a pair of GS-4's, one war time black, the other Daylight). The only exception is the AC-12. For the $$$.¢¢ I needed to know if it was a runner but even if it weren't I would have had to break my rule about not having any yard queens. Happily, it's a winner. So perhaps in Nov I'll add it's sister.

    I do love seeing someone's layout with countless locos. It's awesome! Next time I'm in the Dallas area I'm giving Bob a call! ;)
  8. PRR1957

    PRR1957 TrainBoard Member

    One HO switcher, one HO Geep9, and one N H-15/16.
  9. lynngrove

    lynngrove TrainBoard Member

    I'm an orphan, will you adopt me? Do you need a son?
  10. Tad

    Tad TrainBoard Supporter

    I have 75 locomotives and I'll be very selective if I buy any more. No real plans to.

    I have 497 cars and I have become very selective in my buying on them, too.
  11. Stupadaso

    Stupadaso New Member

  12. DarylK

    DarylK TrainBoard Member

    The perfect number of locomotives to own is one more than you presently have.

  13. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    You need to get on the band wagon and get more.
  14. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    I think its also important to have a layout. I built my layout first then decided what I wanna run on it and that's from where I build my loco roster. When I was very young I saw a few Chessies run around where I lived but it was the end of the Chessie era since they merged to form CSX. But I always tough that the Chessie paint was the nicest paint job out there. So its easy to model chessie for me cause it was short lived RR and CSX is also easy cause they have not been around that long. And there are a lot of other road names that are short lived is a new person does the research they can start a nice layout.
  15. c&o_guy_uk

    c&o_guy_uk TrainBoard Member

    5 locos currently (unless you count an RDC as 1...) 2 Geep 7's, 1 SW8, 1 RS11 and an RS2. All C&O except the RS11 in Southern.....
  16. EMD F7A

    EMD F7A TrainBoard Member

    Northern Pacific: 2x RS11's, 4x GP7's, 2x GP18's, Loewy FP7 & F7B, FT A&B (in the mail), Loewy F9 (Arnold!), F7B (pinetree- IM shell on a Spectrum chassis! What a turd), BN GP30, AT&SF F7 ABBA, AT&SF 8.40.CW, Great Northern SW9/1200, AT&SF FT A&B (Intermountain- stunning!) and a efw parts locos. I've been busy :)
  17. LOU D

    LOU D TrainBoard Member

    Hmmm...I don't know..How old are ya,and do you also like RC cars,motorcycles,guns,and old Saabs? LOL!!!!
  18. rrjim1

    rrjim1 TrainBoard Member

    About 300 to many!

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