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RDGbuff56 Nov 17, 2009

  1. RailMix

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    I like Purplewave because there tends to be some older stuff there. That's where I found photos for my 3D printed grain body. The prototype was on a'58 Ford very similar to the CMW truck I used. I'm glad it wasn't any closer to me. It sold for $900. :oops: I might've wound up with a big toy and a very upset wife.
    Disclaimer: The body is somewhat wider than the prototype to fit on the CMW flatbed.

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  2. rch

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    Very cool!

    Same here about the older equipment. I was beginning to think I'd never find a 1970s Fruehauf frameless end dump but then I started searching purplewave. Not only did I find what I was looking for, the photos were actually high resolution and there must have been 12 different views. Here's the model:

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    Railmix, I have no idea what that is.
  4. Mr. Trainiac

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    Before the Pacesetter goes in for a clear coat, here is a look at some of the decals. The decal sheet on this model is very well done. There are options for the Pacesetter, the Pacesetter Super-B (B-Train double trailer), Silver Star (livestock), Patriot (belt unloading trailer), and Commander (a variant of the Pacesetter). There are also decals for company trucks like ‘parts and service’ or ‘general manager’. Some decals are printed twice, once in black for use on white trailers, and white decals for black trailers. The instructions are a bit blurry, so I mostly used prototype photos for decal placement. All the warning labels are correct, which is very impressive, they aren’t just generic shapes. There are mudflaps too, but I have those separate for now. CA6C7731-BB7F-40CF-AE0F-8D66FA1B3773.jpeg E6F33907-8392-4889-B917-04EFADB4C257.jpeg
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    Back about 1992 or so I purchased 12 of these with individual road numbers. Since I have limited spaces to put covered hoppers on the layout, I have made the decision that one of my goals is to have no unweathered cars operating. I have always liked the looks of these compared to the Athearn PS cars produced in the same timeframe.

    Here is the first one going through weathering. This is the first layer going on with water-soluble oils. This is the base layer of rust on the car. It will be followed with acrylic paint and pan pastel chalk.

    I had treated these with flat acrylic sealer and a alcohol wash a while back to add some sun fade to the paint. Prior to the oil I gave the car a liberal wash of alcohol and black to darken the paint.

    Below is the next victim. All of these will also receive reflective stripes for modern service.

    Thanks for looking,

  6. RailMix

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    Purplewave.com is a farm equipment auction site where all kinds of equipment and trucks are listed. A lot of older trucks, tractors, etc. are listed there, which makes it a great research site for era-appropriate trucks and other stuff from the 50's up. Another plus is that it often shows these trucks in all their workworn glory with all the dents and scrapes, dust and rust so you've also got a great weathering guide. There were over a dozen good photos of my protoype Ford showing details of the grain body (those white assemblies on the sides and ends are livestock racks to be folded up when needed making this an all-around farm truck as shown on the CMW chevrolet below.) as well as the rest of the truck- all up close. OK, I digress, but what you are looking for is probably there whether it's Ryan's trailer or my old Ford one-size-fits-all farm truck.


    Anyway, that's probably way more information than you were looking for, but now you know.
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