GEVO's Coming...

ljudice Jun 13, 2009

  1. Traindork

    Traindork TrainBoard Member

    I won't buy one unless it'll pull 60 cars up my 9 3/4", code 40 rail 5% helix, and it's under $50 with all the grab irons installed and painted in the correct UP colors for September 17, 2006 at 4:30pm, EST. ;)

    Good grief, people! I sometimes think that there's lifelong modelers out there whose layout consists of only two boxcars and a 12 inch piece of track because everything else out there is wrong wrong wrong!
  2. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Staff Member

    Reminds me of Louis KC on Conan's show. [ame=""]YouTube - Everything is amazing, nobody is happy...[/ame]
    We have so much but it seems hardly anyone is happy. I think I will go scratch build a steam engine. ;)
  3. sundowner

    sundowner TrainBoard Member

    So asking for something that Atlas, Kato and IM already do is wrong?
  4. skipgear

    skipgear TrainBoard Member

    That illustrates the point oh so well!!!!!!
  5. NSES40DC2775

    NSES40DC2775 TrainBoard Member

    I think some of guy need to be happy for Fox Valley Models I know some will knit pick them as some that will not buy for your loyalty to Kato. I will need a fleet of NS, CSX, BNSF, and UP and others so FVM keep up with the demand I got trains to move out! Oh love the trinity coal hoppers.
  6. DrifterNL

    DrifterNL TrainBoard Member

    I liked that one, good one! LOL!:thumbs_up:
  7. ljudice

    ljudice TrainBoard Member

    Hey, I happen to like my 20-30 FVM cars - including the Trinity RD4's too! And I'm pretty forgiving of models - frankly although I like Kato for good running characteristics and good fit and finish, they have fallen behind in some other respects. So please don't label me a Kato fanatic.

    I didn't say anyone was unreasonable - I'm just asking if anyone has heard officially if the model requires drilling 30-50 holes to have grabirons. If FVM hadn't placed the ad drumming up interest, you could fairly ask why people are asking questions. But they started it - probably thinking it would generate some viral "buzz".

    Well, it did - so then follow up and answer people's questions! :)

    By the way the majority of modellers I see at my local train shop (one of the oldest and largest in the world, BTW) are more typically asking questions like "do you have a Big Boy in Orange to match my New Haven diesels". They don't know a dynamic brake from a smokebox and I suspect they are not going to be drilling holes in new models (intentionally!!!) :)
  8. James Costello

    James Costello TrainBoard Member

    So have you emailed FVM with your grab iron question Lou?
    They seem to have been pretty receptive to inquries so far... but I imagine they've got more pressing needs trying to get a GEVO to market than to troll the internet to address every bit of speculation on internet forums about them.

    Exactly, so the majority of modellers shouldn't miss the absence of molded on grab irons then....

    I think it's a brave move and a big step forward that I hope is success.
    It should make the detailing process much more enjoyable.
  9. N-Jineer

    N-Jineer TrainBoard Member

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  10. SD75I

    SD75I TrainBoard Member

    I don't think we will see anyone else doing a FXE anytime soon? Is there a huge difference between mold grabs and no grabs? I think there should be more players in the engine market! There are more and more freight car manufacturers coming out all the time. I just wish I had the bank account to keep up with all the great stuff coming out? As of right now, I own no FVM products, but I am willing to buy some of these GEVO's? I can't find any FVM SP or SSW boxcars. I know, I know, I'm on the late show!

  11. Robbman

    Robbman TrainBoard Member


    CN would not be more prototypically correct than CP...

    While CN and CSX went to high numberboards on thier latest orders of ES44ACs/ES44DCs (and CN went to the standard windshields), they have a completely different radiaotr compartment than the much earlier phase ES44AC/DC the FVM model will be.
  12. Westfalen

    Westfalen TrainBoard Member

    What roads do the proposed FVM GEVO actually match, rivet for rivet, number board for number board, etc, etc. No wonder no one else had taken them on yet, you practically need a separate shell for each roadname to keep everyone happy.
  13. Advertiser

    Since no specific data is available yet. It is not possible to match the model to a prototype.
  14. davidone

    davidone TrainBoard Member

    You know some of you guys need to know what it really takes to get something like this to market. Are you willing to pay $300-$400 for each engine---i thought not! Now if Matt is going to bring this Gevo to market at a reasonable price then some things will either be left off or not done at all. In todays market you cannot have every little detail that every railroad has that is different. Now if you do want road specific detail then pay up, be willing to pay for those details but if your looking for a price in the $90-$125.00 range it's not going to happen. I want my Gevos to be the best that they can do. I know that they will do their best to satisfy everybody but there are those outthere that will never be satisfied until they can shrink a 12" to the foot model down to N scale. Geez some of you need to take a vacation. Bring those Gevos on Matt, my order will be on the day you announce them.

  15. DrifterNL

    DrifterNL TrainBoard Member

    And what road do you model?
    KATO even brought out their AC4400 with high and low number boards to match the different version.
    Although the KATO CP version is not perfect it is satisfying enough.
  16. Westfalen

    Westfalen TrainBoard Member

    That's what I thought.
  17. Rossford Yard

    Rossford Yard TrainBoard Member

    "Is it too much to ask to do something Atlas and Kato already do?"

    Well, its funny, but its true. In business you have to build a better mousetrap to succeed and Atlas and Kato are the best mousetraps out there right now. Unless its equal to those and a model we want, we won't likely buy it. Just look at sales of certain LL, Athearn, and Bachman units. While I don't have sales figures, I do know which ones seem to languish on the shelves and get offered at below $50 a year after release. Those came up just short of the standard and didn't sell as well.

    Another factor is not only do they run well, do they match either Atlas or Kato in running characteristics?

    I wish FVM well on this, and would buy a few, provided they match Atlas and Kato quality. Like any new mfg, this one will be a tough one to pre-order, until I see how they run and look. That is really the cost of entry into the MRR loco business - buyer uncertainty!
  18. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    A few points:

    • FVM has a proven track record
    • I really doubt they would do anything to tarnish that record
    • I am sure these models will be every bit as good as Atlas or Kato.
    I understand and respect a desire for a perfectly historically accurate model. I cannot fathom being critical or negative about a product that has not been released. Yes, I could see postings expressing personal expectation or desires in a positive manner that may influence the manufacture.

    Note that some of the more critical voices here have also been critical of Atlas or Kato and many other manufactures for the same reasons. The difference is that it was of existing models not speculation.

    In all matters of life I believe:
    "What goes around comes around".
    If you are going to be negative then that is what will come back to you. If you are positive and helpful then that is what you will receive in return.
  19. ljudice

    ljudice TrainBoard Member

    Re: grab irons...

    It's hillarious how whenever I ask this question, the response is that either I'm not a "real modeller" because I don't want to drill 40 or so #80 holes in a model, or I should take my glasses off and I won't miss them.

    Maybe I'd just like to buy a model with all the details installed?
  20. DrifterNL

    DrifterNL TrainBoard Member

    A few hours after I posted the answer I got from FVM concerning the numberboards I received another e-mail from them:

    Hi ,

    A quick question, why do you post answers from your direct question to all the forums right away? Just curious what your benefit might be.



    Of course Matt deserved an answer from me:

    Hi Matt,

    No benefit whatsoever.

    I had also posted my question about the numberboards on a few forums and
    when I received your answer I posted the answer on all the forums I posted
    the question on.

    I just wanted to inform my fellow CP fans.

    Now don't get me wrong, your GEVO looks great from all the pictures and
    YouTube video I've seen but I am disappointed about the numberboards.

    So many manufactures get the detailing wrong for CP versions.

    I have a few of your products that I'm very happy with and if/when you
    correct the numberboards for the CP version I will gladly place an order.


    P.S. There are some other concerns from members on you might
    want to look into but that's up to you.

    He replied with:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I understand your position on specific versions.

    Best regards,


    I had/have no intention of bashing FVM now or in the future and I think my e-mail was with the utmost respect.

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