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WheatonTrainKid Sep 30, 2018

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    Kato's custom Kobo Shops sells these models with an ESU LokSound decoder installed.


    I'm not exactly sure how they do the installation, but in the past I have used a hard-wired LokSound Select Micro (yes, the micro - it will handle 3/4 amp continuous and 1 amp peak, which is more than sufficient for Kato's can motors and has 4 functions which allows ditch light wiring if you are so inclined) with a TCS KA3 keep alive in Kato's HO-scale RSD3 locos. ESU does not make a "drop in" board for these locomotives, so if you go the ESU route (which I would do), you'll have to hard wire. And using the Micro means that you have space for the TCS keep alive and a good-sized speaker.

    The shell comes with space for a 1-inch round speaker, but I'd probably use a 13x18mm "sugar cube"-type in a suitable enclosure. You can get a 13x18 with a "double deep" enclosure from Streamlined Backshop (a Trainboard advertiser) that should sound terrific. But you'll need to measure space to see exactly what you have. I've also used 11x15 speakers with great results in HO scale installations.

    I'll be using a similar setup in an Atlas RS-1 installation that I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks (although using an 11x15 speaker, instead of a 13x18). If you can wait a while, I'll take some photos of that installation so you can see the general component layout I use.

    John C.

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