BNSF Head-on Collision cab video

NSCALEMIKE May 24, 2007

  1. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    Thats exactly what I was thinking
  2. SecretWeapon

    SecretWeapon TrainBoard Member

    Hey Charlie,
    I'm guessing you copied that about the signals right out of your rule book. They sure are different from NORAC. We don't have any of those.
    The signals I saw on the video,we have. Yellow over yellow is a approach slow(approach the next signal at slow speed). The red over green is a slow clear(proceed thru crossover or spring switches at slow speed until entire train gets thru,then normal speed). This would make sense to me because it's a usual progression to slow you down for the crossover. Mind you each book(rule book region) is different & speeds vary for passenger & freight.For us slow speed=20mph. Because of cab signals,I'm usually around 15,just for trying to run a smooth train & so I don't get hit with a penalty.
    When it(signal) dropped to red over red,the other train tripped the circuit. Again,to late to do anything.
  3. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member


    Yup, actually SSI. I dont have a set of NORAC cuz we didn't use it but
    I have signal aspects and their indications in my C.O.R.A.(Chicago Operating Rules Association)rule book for railroads that use NORAC.
    I also have AMTRAK signal aspects and indications and rules as they
    apply to the Chicago Terminal. Amtrak owns Chicago Union Station and
    trackage ancillary to it. METRA is a tenant of Amtrak at CUS so those
    of us on the BNSF who work METRA trains have to be examined on those rules.

  4. SteveM76

    SteveM76 TrainBoard Member

    We have a line out of Louisville that we use 5 different kinds of signals along with DTC blocks. It is a result of all the CSX mergers.

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