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JR59 Jan 29, 2006

  1. shamoo737

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    Looks great. Nothing more satisfying then have a loco nobody has. :D
  2. JuergenT

    JuergenT TrainBoard Member

    in the last week I startet my Project "Taunusbahn".
    The Taunusbahn is a privat Railroad from "Friedrichtsdorf to Brandoberndorf in my Home mountains Taunus :)
    In the future I plan a small layout from a part of the Taunusbahn.

    For an realistic Traffic I need some original Locos.
    At first I get from the "Atlas Serius" the french Train Mistral. These french waggons where needed for an special Train from 1972 to 1975, the D257. These train was an international train from Paris to Frankfurt. Between the arrivel and the departure they use the waggons for an local train to the Taunus, french (and german) waggons with the Loco BR 216 (Diesel).

    The first 2 waggons I used the chassis from Shapeways , but they dont run perfekt.
    The next 2 waggons I used an Märklin waggon 81003. The chassis was cut and the Dremel makes it smaller.
    And here is the result:
    D257_1.jpg D257_2.jpg D257_3.jpg D257_4.jpg
    The 4, Waggon waits for an chassis, but....

    And the Atlas axes find a new place
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  3. JuergenT

    JuergenT TrainBoard Member

    The next original Train was the VT51 from the HLB (Railroad owner) in the old colour.

    At first in 2015 I buy from Shapeway the shells of the BR 628 (at HLB it was the VT51).
    In the End of 2016 I get the jananese chassis from the Shinkansen and the last week I startet to build the VT51.
    The Shinkansen chassis was under the Dremel, but it was only a little bit tu rasp and it was fixed.
    For the 2, shell I used the chassis from an Märklin 81003 (82411). These chassis was to small, so I clue some smal stribes of polystyrol at the sides to fix the shell.

    Now I wait for the ais brush (I send it to an specialist).
    If it is back, I try to find a way for the lights, also there will be the sound decoder redy for install :cool:

    VT51_1.jpg VT51_2.jpg VT51_3.jpg VT51_4.jpg

    Here is the original:
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  4. eaelec

    eaelec TrainBoard Member

    Drover Caboose Used as a Building

    I started making this caboose and completed the shell, windows and doors, but had not started the end platforms or the undercarriage.
    And then I thought, "wouldn't this make a neat little building"? So I added a cider block foundation (railway ties would probably been better) and some steps.

  5. n&wsteamfan

    n&wsteamfan TrainBoard Member

    AZL sd45 repaint to N&W 1776

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  6. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    Whoa, that is awesome Aaron!!(y)(y)(y)
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