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Keith Ledbetter Mar 8, 2017

  1. Keith Ledbetter

    Keith Ledbetter TrainBoard Member

    So by way of introduction I have only been back in the hobby for ~6 months now. 20 years ago I was pretty heavy in HO but life happens etc.

    Anyway, I have a 2.5 year old that loves trains so that inspired me to get back into it. My first project is a g scale in his room.

    But what I am really planning is a basement setup for n scale. I have the layout largely complete but will probably be summer before I get to building it. It will be a double track sort of dogbone. I like steam, streamliners, trams, and bullet trains so will run an eclectic collection and not model a particular place or era.

    I do have a small oval test track in the utility room for the basement where I have been playing a bit and testing. I have read tons. Played more then is normal with DCC. Bought a few trains (N&W 611, FVM Hiawatha, Kato Metra Set, new MRC 4-4-0, Kato Mikado)

    I travel for work to London at least monthly and have always loved their Underground Tube stock that was started in 1995 as it's colorful and the underground system itself is an amazing efficient people mover. I have looked for months in unfortunately there just isn't anything "pre made" out there in N.

    A few places have some other scales

    There are however a couple options of kits. Radley above has some but this thread really inspired me:

    Unfortunately the thread ended before completion and I have tried to contact the author to no avail.

    The shapeways models linked in that thread though are still available. At basically $30 a car they are certainly not cheap but I think will be awesome when done.

    I have a tomytec TM07 on order which should fit these. I also ordered the 5.1mm wheels and bearing cups. Neither of these have arrived yet.

    I make no excuses for the fact this will probably take me at least 6 months to complete given all the other stuff I have going on but I will try to document everything to hopefully help anyone else who wants to try it.

    I received my stuff from Shapeways yesterday. They are great looking little models for sure.






    Does anyone that has done a Shapeways model have any advice on painting both process and paint brand wise?
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  2. Keith Ledbetter

    Keith Ledbetter TrainBoard Member

  3. tehachapifan

    tehachapifan TrainBoard Supporter

    Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this!
  4. glennac

    glennac TrainBoard Supporter

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  5. SLSF Freak

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    The only requirement prior to painting is to make sure all that wax residue is off the model. Right now parts of your shells are semi-translucent, which means the residue is there. When completely clean your models will be chalk white. In the States, Bestine is an available product that is GREAT for removing the stuff - just soak your model for a few hours and rinse/scrub clean. Elsewhere I think I heard Bestine is not always available but some have used "Goo Gone" instead, others just use dish detergent with a soft bristled toothbrush. The main thing is get it clean so the paint can stick and cure. As for paints I use acrylics, no particular brand, applied with both bristle brush and air brush depending on what I'm doing.

    Cheers -Mike
  6. BoxcabE50

    BoxcabE50 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Bestine works, but it is not cheap. And once opened, even if re-sealed quickly, it evaporates at a fast rate.
  7. WFOJeff

    WFOJeff TrainBoard Supporter

    yes agree, clean thoroughly. I use acrylic paint w/airbrush for accessories I bought from Shapeways. Lots of neat designs there.

    NARLIE TrainBoard Member

  9. Keith Ledbetter

    Keith Ledbetter TrainBoard Member

    OK I soaked in Goo Gone overnight and washed and dried and they are bone white now and looking good. I hope to put the first primer coat on them this weekend.

    The TM07 chassis I wanted to use for power is too short so I have a TM 13 on the way. I'll hve to trim like 0.5mm off the sides o not bend the shell outward
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