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Raildig Jun 25, 2008

  1. Raildig

    Raildig TrainBoard Member

    Changes. At Ztrains.com we're making a lot of them! We'll be updating the majority of our online articles... displaying some of our newer projects and products and bringing you more new articles and interviews. In addition our new online store is getting its final tweaks and adjustments.

    We're also starting publication of the Ztrains.com and Ztrains Store Newsletter, you can sign up for it now on our site. We'll keep subscribers posted on existing article and website updates, on all new articles and on new Ztrains Store products. Here at Ztrains we'd like to invite you to become part of our Z scale community.

    John Cubbin
    Ztrains: Z Scale (1:220) Model Train Layouts
  2. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Nice work John! I always enjoy surfing your site, as there is always something interesting to read. ;)

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