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Carl Sowell Mar 9, 2009

  1. Carl Sowell

    Carl Sowell TrainBoard Supporter

    I have a Zypher set and am able to program cv's and run locomotives with Digitrax decoders. No problem and very cool.
    Then I go and put aTsunami into a KATO GS-4 and find the Zyphyr will not read back cv set points of the Tsunami. I purchased a so called " booster " and still no worky. I contacted Digitrax and they had no real answers for me but suggested I change a value in the command station. Still no worky. I can change cv values but it will not read back values.

    Does anybody have a suggestion for a different brand of DCC command stations that WILL read back and change cv values of a Tsunami? Is the JMRI computer program the best way to program decoders, both sound and no sound?

    Appreciate any feedback.

  2. Dee Das

    Dee Das TrainBoard Member

    It's not just the Zephyr. I can't get Tsunami equipped and MRC equipped (Athearn) locos to ready back on a Super Chief.
    I did read somewhere that the MRC facotry installed decoders are designed not to read back. Not sure if that would apply to other decoders.
  3. jrwirt

    jrwirt TrainBoard Member

  4. mfm_37

    mfm_37 TrainBoard Member

    Just a thought. Try Direct mode programming. That's Pd on the display. Press the program button repeatedy until Pd comes up. This may work with the Tsunami.
    Forget about reading the MRC decoder in the Athearn. MRC didn't put read back in those. Best bet is to use JMRI with a roster entry or just write any changes down for later.

    Martin Myers

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