Z TRain Off DRGW Line

friscobob Oct 21, 2001

  1. friscobob

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    Heard it through the grapevine (well, a UP engineer) that the Z-DVRO and its eastbound counterpart, Z-RODV, has been pulled off the DRGW line in favor of the run to Cheyenne, then on the UP Overland main to Ogden-SLC. Anybody else heard
    about this?
    It still gives us 14 UP and 2-4 BNSF freights daily between Denver & Grand Junction, plus the CZ.
  2. slimjim

    slimjim Passed away January 2006 In Memoriam

    I guess that I may have gotten lucky on my October 12 & 13 road trip to Helper, UT. I caught the ZRODV both mornings. Following is the latest.

    ZRODV, ZDVRO, MRODV, MDVRO latest from the DRGW Yahoo List.

    Edited Quote:

    I hear (from a very reliable management source) that Omaha wants the change to be permanent. If the change does become permanent, the
    train will be loaded/unloaded at 36th st ramp.

    Omaha has wanted this change since the merger, but another manager doesn't believe UPS will
    allow it because of the extra travel time needed.

    Also, Omaha has directed local Denver management to come up with a plan to move all UP, non-coal trains over to the Greeley side.
    (You'll love this Mike) and on the Greeley side, they want three manifests per day, each direction, and each making a pickup and set
    out in....LaSalle. One would be a North Platte, one would be a Rawlings, and I'm not sure about the other, but none of them are
    to have work in Cheyenne or Larimie.

    Wait, it gets better. This is to be done so the Moffat can handel 50 (yes, that's a five and a zero) trains a day. Please wait a minute, I gotta quit laughing. Also, the flyover from the Belt line to the DGRW main line, has been postponed for two years. Ouch, that time I laughed so hard I FELL on the ground.

    For those that know, Denver can barely handle the trains I has now, let alone 50 a day. The only hope it has to move more is the flyover
    and to buy the DRIR and reconnect it to the KP main just west of Roydale. Oh, by the way, that means knocking down a hotel.

    Omaha says they have lots more coal they want to move, so I guess we'll just do it. ;) Oh, this is to happen by eairly next year.

    For those that know, we are a mess with more than about 20 trains a day. I really doubt, if everything worked perfect, that they could
    get much more than 30 per day. When the weather is bad, cut that to 20.

    Only time will tell, but it will sure be fun to watch!!!

    End of edited quote.

    Took me a while to read and edit this. That floor gets hard from rolling around laughing :D .
  3. Alan

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    . . . er, what is a Z train?
  4. slimjim

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    What, no "Z's" across the Pond??

    Z = UPS or Expedited Intermodal

    #1 priority, short, light and with a lot of power. The ZRODV, Roper, UT to Denver, CO, usually runs with the Amtrak #6 across Utah.
  5. Alan

    Alan Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Compared to the US, all our trains are "Z's" [​IMG] :D :D

    Thanks for the explanation [​IMG]

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