Z Z Scale Switchers by The Z Maker

shortpainter Mar 10, 2021

  1. shortpainter

    shortpainter TrainBoard Member

    44 Tonner Chessie.jpg

    I'm now accepting direct orders for Z scale locomotives.
    You can get a 44 Tonner, SW1200, SW1500, S-2, and S-1. These are custom orders so contact me via email at: thezmaker@gmail.com

    My SW1200, SW1500, S-2 and S-1 are all dual drive models! That means all eight wheels provide traction unlike my kits from Shapeways. These dual drive models are not available anywhere else. (The 44 Tonner is not dual drive)

    Visit www.thezmaker.com for more info.

    I also have a couple single drive locomotives in my Ready To Run Shop! Click here to order one of the items below.

    for sale - 01.jpg
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  2. Kurt Moose

    Kurt Moose TrainBoard Member

    Amazing work!(y)

    Would love to have a Milwaukee Road MP15AC, gotta' dream right?!:rolleyes:
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