Yreka Western RR now up for sale

Ironhorseman Dec 9, 2011

  1. Ironhorseman

    Ironhorseman April, 2018 Staff Member In Memoriam

    A realtor from Remax out of Mt. Shasta posted for sale signs on the depot and engine/shop buildings yesterday (8 Dec 2011). This comes on the heels of an ongoing operation of salvaging cars, locomotives (SW8 #20 and Alco MRS-1) rail, and machinery for the majority of the year.

    I suspect as soon as the stored cars are removed from the mainline, the rest of the rail will be removed and the right of way may be turned into a bikeway.

    Thus, it appears the 123 year old, 'little railroad that refuses to die' is about to come to an end. Another victim of the economy and questionable management practices.

    #19, and the old 1911 GN caboose are still in the process of being restored. But I doubt it will be for use on the YW.

    I'm truly sorry to see it go as it is a vital part of this areas history.

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