Yreka Western fire...

John Barnhill Sep 12, 2006

  1. John Barnhill

    John Barnhill TrainBoard Member

    MONTAGUE — A train pulling five carloads of veneer for Timber Products caught fire Friday in Montague, nearly setting ablaze wood products stacked nearby at Shasta Forest Products’ yard.

    Initially called in as a diesel fire, Yreka Fire Department responded to what was described as a train engine fire. CDF also responded to the call.

    The train stopped on Phillipe Lane, blocking traffic, in between the narrow pass between Shasta Forest Products’ property.

    “It was smoking pretty good,” said Shasta employee Mike Gannon, who was out with a hose to douse the edge of the yard with water to prevent the fire from spreading.

    Tons of wood products, raw logs, wood chips, and veneer lay close by.

    Thick black smoke poured from the engine car Friday and flames could be seen before firefighters controlled the blaze, Gannon said.

    According to YFD first assistant chief Ray Singleton, an air cleaner system in the engine caught fire. Singleton said the system filters were pulled out of the train and quickly extinguished.

    Singleton also said he couldn’t confirm the initial call reporting a diesel leak from the train.


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