Your layout aims (New items in poll)

vadimav Nov 11, 2014


Your layout aims

  1. 1. To have a fun (emotional )

  2. 2. To have a satisfaction( widely.)

  3. 3. To have a benefit/profit (more widely)

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  4. 4. To have more stable survival for railroads/model railroads

  5. 5. Engineering aims and ideas for railroad/model railroad

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. vadimav

    vadimav TrainBoard Member

    I think, that we can suggest another important entrances for a poll.

    In general, aims may be sequentally graduated by another, social way, as:

    ===========(Poll with more wide explanations: )=============

    1) To have a fun (only for emotional drammatisation of good incendents, which You received in past track of time)

    2) To have a satisfaction(more widely, includes for fun, but adding completion of other cycles like completion of layout made, completion of your engineering task...)

    3) To have a benefit/profit (more widely)

    4) To have more stable survival for railroads/model railroads(for railroad personal training, right knowledge propogation among peolpe, right advertisment for children...etc )

    5) Engineering aims and ideas for railroad/model railroad for it's improvements (Modelling in terms of physics, not in terms of copying as in diorama case)


    As to me - I m interesting to communicate with people, who like "5"!!!

    As an example of "5"- i make a model of bridge catenary at turntable, in aim to have fast time for down/up loading loco from sheds.

    When bridge is connected to sheds it receives lover, safe voltage. If bridge is connected to output, it receives normal voltage

    See video:


  2. Rossford Yard

    Rossford Yard TrainBoard Member

    Didn't look at this before now.

    Would have thought the choices were "roundy roundy" switching, proto ops, recreate childhood favorite places, etc.

    Or, lone wolf running, bringing in friends for ops, etc.

    Mine would be running trains of all roads (hence my iHB terminal layout, plus past similar themes), switching in an easy, close to but not obsessive proto manner, more for fun that learning. and from time to time have friends run it as a group.

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