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Jim Wiggin Jan 8, 2007

  1. Jim Wiggin

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    Ok, time to wake up the Minutemen out there. My exposure to the B&M was real limited as I was just getting to enjoy railroading when the great evil plauge of Guilford reared its ugly head. My favorite B&M experience was seeing B&M #200 a GP38-2 painted up for the Nations birthday. Followed by watching the rebuilt GP7's and 9's run from Bow to Concord with their "new" dark blue paint scheme.

    Now what do you as fans of the B&M have for memories? I would love to hear of tales of E7 and RS3's in maroon and gold and Berks running on the Fitchburg. So go ahead, post your favorite memory here.

  2. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Staff Member

    Back in the early 60's, my friends and I used to play ice hockey on "Railroad Pond" just south of the town square (really a triangle) in Milford, NH. One of our goals was the B&M tracks that were on a trestle at the south end of the pond. Was always a treat when an RS-3s would come by with a short train during one of our games.
  3. Hytec

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    I have three.....
    1. Being allowed to "drive" a Mogul(?) down a two mile passing siding when I was 15.
    2. Riding in an open-vestibule coach behind a smoky teakettle from North Station to Ashland, NH in '51.
    3. Ridng in the B car of #6000 (The Minuteman) from Hoosick Falls, NY to Ayer, MA in '53.
  4. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Great storys all, I have been to many of the locations you have talked about. Russel, I have a picture of I believe that very bridge you speak of. Milford NH is a nice little New England town.
  5. Charlie

    Charlie TrainBoard Member

    I was stationed at Ft.Devens in Ayer MA for 6 months back in 1962.
    I attended an Army Training school there.
    A couple of times I rode to/from Boston on the B & M on an RDC. CRS which number(1, 2, 3 etc). Rather a nice experience.
    I used to leave the post by a route which was known as the AWOL gate. It was a spot in the post perimeter fence which bordered on the
    B & M railroad property. Ayer had been a big locomotive servicing facility at on time, but when I was there, there were only some yard tracks to service the Army base. All the other facilities had been razed.
    It was a pleasant walk in the summertime, there were some wetlands and the area had reverted to brush and scrub. The locals used to
    go back in there and pick wild blueberries.
    There was a small tavern adjacent to the B & M depot, never did know the name of it,we used to call it "the urinal" due to its aroma. It was just a workingman's joint,small,dim, there was a "loose" pinball machine
    to keep us occupied, and the beer was cheap.
    Boston was/is a good railfanning town, especially for traction buffs like me. Lots of streetcar(not as much as when I was there)elevated and subway action. Revere Beach was also an attraction for young,single
    G.I.s on the "hunt", also we would go to Whalom Park in Lunenberg MA
    when looking for some "diversions".
    Ahhhhh, memories!

  6. mikecyc72usa

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    I remember going to my grandmother's in Amsterdam, NY from Red Hook/Rhinebeck we had to go under the B&M on route 9, and saw a train every once in awhile on the tracks, and also saw many B&M trains going across I think it's RT 5 near a chemical plant east of Rotterdam Junction. I recall the bicentennial unit, and I think my parents still have the picture of myself and brother in front of it, maybe even my sister was there, too.
  7. SSW9389

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    Getting a cab ride from an accomodating engineer in the Manchester Yard in the early 1970s. I got to ride around the yard in the 1203 and another time in the 806.

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