yard explained by engineer (and dumb stuff)

DJ of DJsTrains Jun 13, 2022

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    The naming of yard tracks and tracks in serving area of a yard all bets are off.

    Remember, 'The New Yard', is only newer than the yard that preceded it as the 'New Yard' may be over 100 years old.

    Worked one yard that had 3 through tracks in a yard of 16 switching tracks. Two of the through tracks were identified as 'Main' tracks. The third through track ran in the middle of the 16 switching tracks. From South to North they were: #4 Main, 1-8 switching tracks, 8 1/2 track the through Switching Lead, 9-16 switching tracks, #3 Main. Configuration allowed trains to work on either end of the yard while the Yard Crew would continue switching using the 8 1/2 Switching lead.

    Then came I-95 and plant rationalization.
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