WAB WRRHS calendar & Walthers ACF 70' Baggage-Express car

North Missouri Railroad Dec 3, 2006

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    Posted by: "Robert Gibson, Jr." gibsonjr@sigecom.net wabashfan

    Fri Dec 1, 2006 7:11 pm (PST)

    I received my WABASH RRHS calendar today and it is great. I would add to the notes about the September photo in Lafayette that the track leading off the to right is actually the Lafayette Belt RR. The East Yard hadn't been built when this photo was taken. In the middle to late 50s the double track was extended on around the curve just short of the Wildcat Creek bridge and the East Yard was built in the field at the top right of the photo. The yard lead extended under the 52 bridge where it came back into the main just short of Underwood St. I grew up in that neighborhood in the 50s and early 60s and did a lot of WABASH train watching. Unfortunately, I didn't take one photo. I'm glad Dave Chambers did and I can remember those good times. On another note, Walthers is producing an ACF 70' Baggage-Express car due in December. It's a dead ringer for the baggage car on the Banner Blue in the January calendar photo. The Wabash scheme isn't offered, but they will have undec.
    Bob Gibson


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