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toadster Jan 1, 2011

  1. toadster

    toadster TrainBoard Member

    I was looking for a site to find what colors wreck trains were for U.P. in the 30's to 50's and a good spot for the decals also, trying my luck and patience to find anything, must be going to wrong sites
  2. Wings & Strings

    Wings & Strings TrainBoard Member

    After 20 minutes of google searches, here's what I got:

    If you follow this link, you'll see several pictures of 1950's UP work trains. While it's not a wreck train, it does offer clues: from what I can tell, colors of MOW equipment were varied. From the B&W photos, I can probably assure that the cabooses were either silver or yellow/red stripe/gray roof, the crane & pile drivers were likely black, and the other cars could be a mix of silver, yellow, or several shades of brown or oxide red. I hope this helps:


    BTW that UP 2-8-0 #428 is beautiful. I would recommend kitbashing it from a bachmann 2-8-0 for your MOW service!

    As far as finding decals, I cannot specify a specific place, but anywhere that sells microscale decals should have plenty of UP offerings.
  3. DCESharkman

    DCESharkman TrainBoard Member

    There is a pretty old crane car in the Roseville yard here in CA, that is black on a silver flat car. There is also a collection of several silver passenger style cars like the Harriman cars out now as well as a couple of the oxide red versions. Then there are a bunch of the black and sivler tank cars as well as that lime type green cars. It is a really a collection of colors and types there.
  4. toadster

    toadster TrainBoard Member

    thanks for the info it's a good place to start

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