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Sumner Dec 3, 2022

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    I want to have a sawmill on the layout and was researching logging and sawmills this morning and came across this video.....

    .... from the '30's. I realize it wasn't the only line of work that required a lot of work but I just can't imagine anyone in a developed county today taking one of these jobs or a similar one. I've done some physical jobs in my life (dug over 20 yards of earth out by hand on one home) but never anything like the conditions people use to work under and still do in some places. The pay? They made $2.00 a day but the company charged them $1.00 a day for room and board. What a deal.

    A lot of them were smiling though, at least for the camera and you could see some loafing for at least a minute or so. Anyway a great video and lots of info on getting the lumber from the forest to the mill.

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