Woodland Scenics foam riser tip?

Uncle peanut butter Nov 27, 2022

  1. Uncle peanut butter

    Uncle peanut butter TrainBoard Member

    Purchased a 2% riser kit the other day to fool around with but found it finicky to shape-set-then move using pins. I cut wedges from styrofoam and used them to hold my desired shape without have to fix them to the foam board. Not sure if this has been done but in case it hasn’t I thought I’d share.

    A44D8B95-151E-4C7D-9A0D-2D459CF23F44.jpeg D3238543-313F-468D-8B0C-A57FAC565D85.jpeg
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  2. cbg

    cbg TrainBoard Member

    Excellent idea! I had similar issues the first time I tried the risers as well. Forgive me but have to say it, I like the way Peanut Butter JAMmed the wedges in to maintain the curve. I TOAST your creativeness.
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