Woo-hoo... TWO new websites!!!

Jerry M. LaBoda Jun 8, 2017

  1. Jerry M. LaBoda

    Jerry M. LaBoda TrainBoard Supporter

    Well, I'm two days late but NOT a dollar short...

    As most of you know I am the owner and maintainer of the well-known website, the Passenger Car Photo Index. I am pleased to announce two new websites that are companions to the Index that I hope modelers of a certain kind will find of value...

    Interurban Passenger Car Photo Index

    Presidents' Conference Car Photo Index

    Like the Index you will find a wide collection of photographic links that highlight what is some of the best photos of these types of these cars with the advantage of all of these links being in one place. I hope that if you are interested in either type of car that you will not only come to use these two sites but that you will also pass this news on to the folks you know so that they might enjoy it as well. Like the Index there are many, many hours that have been invested in these two sites and, as it is possible to do, I hope to be able to update them from time to time as even more photos are found. Do please email me with any corrections, comments or suggestions. I hope that you all will come to value these two sites as much as you value the Index.

    As for the Index itself I hope to have a new Update for it finished by the end of this month with many more new links... still working on pages so a count isn't available as of yet but it will be as good as the many Updates of the past with many new links being added and even more cars now being covered by what can be found on the web. Hopefully soon I will finally be able to start working on some of the projects that I have in the works for quite some time... will be good to be able to finally take it easy.

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