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Mystified0510 Mar 23, 2003

  1. Mystified0510

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    I'm guessing this is a "general topic" forum, so hope I'm posting in the right place.

    I was talking to a friend about this the other day. It has occurred to me that, although I have read about model railroading over the years (and had started an HO layout at one point), I have never known of a woman involved in this hobby. No point to this...I was just wondering why women don't seem to be too interested in it. [​IMG]
  2. ChrisDante

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    :rolleyes: one of our moderators at trainboard is "Lady Sunshine", and what a sparkling ray of light she is. [​IMG]

    Let me add another thought. I was reading in Trains magazine a few months ago, a great article written by a lady worked for some RR in the mid or far west. I don't remember the issue but it wasn't that long ago. I'm sure someone will help with that info.

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  3. LadySunshine

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    Hi Mystified and yes I love trains totally my mom's family were involved with the Milwaukee railroad. Mom's dad was an engineer and her older brother worked in the rules and regulations department there. So I was born to love trains. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  4. Gats

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    Rene Grosser and her husband Ray have built and operate the 50's Soo Line Nostalgia Trip layout that used to make it's way around the Mid-west.
    Rene built the majority of structures on the layout including those in her rendition of the neighbourhood where she grew up in Waite Park, MN, including the family house.
    After the layout's retirement in '91, it is now pernamently displayed on the Grosser's farm in Eubank, KY. It has featured in the model railroad mags in the past.
  5. Johnny Trains

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    One of the most famous trainshops in the entire world, The Train Shop LTD, which used to be on west 45th St. in Manhattan, and was owned by a woman from roughly 1945 until 40 years later when she sold it. (It's now the Red Caboose).

    Also, Lady Sunshine speaks for herself. My goodness, she has railroading in the family blood stream.

    And my wife is a saint when it comes to railfanning, although she doesn't dable in the hobby of modeling trains.

    My cousin Sandra is a major railfan too. She helps her husband Pete not in building his layouts, but she makes wonderful little scenery for him. He gets the damnest cool Christmas presents from her too! Lot's of good stuff in O scale!

    I've seen a sparse story here and there about women in the modeling railroad hobby too.

    They are out there!

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  6. rray

    rray Staff Member

    Was'nt Hallmark Brass ran by a woman too? :D
  7. Shannon

    Shannon TrainBoard Member

    Hi Group,
    I am Shannon's wife, Robin, and I have been in the model railroad hobby for quite a while. I was the Gift Store/Book Store manager for the Feather River Rail Society in Portola, CA. I have been a member of Twin Cities Model Railroad Club with my own module. :D I model L&N and have 2 locomotives and quite a few cars for my own train. Women do exist in the hobby and I am not a RAILETTE ;) - a term used for wives of model railroad husbands. [​IMG]

    Now that I have regained the use of the keyboard, I hope she has answered your questions. [​IMG]

    By the way, we go train watching together. The next place she wants to go is the hump yard in Pasco, WA. [​IMG]

    So be careful what you say about women in model railroading, you may get someones irish up. [​IMG]

    Robin and Shannon

    WP LIVES and so does L&N [​IMG]
  8. LadySunshine

    LadySunshine TrainBoard Member

    HI Robin, nice to meet YOU ;) I am glad there is another Lady Railfan out there on this board [​IMG] Hope to get to know you better [​IMG]
  9. BoxcabE50

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    Absolutely. Almost everyone who has been around model railroading, for any length of time, will remember Bobbye Hall. :D

    Also, I lived many years in the Puget Sound region. There are quite a few model RR ladies out there. N, HO, Lionel, RRdiana. And not just tagging along with their boyfriend/husband. Active hobbyists.

    As has been mentioned already, we have Barb here keeping us all in line... [​IMG]

    Boxcab E50
  10. Mystified0510

    Mystified0510 E-Mail Bounces

    Thanks to all for the nice replies [​IMG] I couldn't post the last couple of days...major computer crash....then the backup system wouldn't work :mad: Finally got it going, then didn't have my password logged on this computer. Anyway, got it going...for the moment....

    I did appreciate hearing from lady model railroaders. As I said, I really had no point in asking...just a converstation I had with a friend. Glad to know you are also interested in this...it is a fascinating hobby. I think the main attraction for me is that one is really limited only by imagination (yes, I know...by money, too, but these things are built over time, so big investments are not needed all at once). Really, it is my chance to *create* something as I want it to be, and to take pride in it when it works (or yell real loud if it doesn't :D ). Seriously, though, I did enjoy the responses, and it was good to hear from all of you. Best....Larry
  11. watash

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    I replied to you Larry, but it has vanished.

    Welcome to the TrainBoard, and glad you got some answers.

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