Winterfest 2020 at the Amherst Railway Society's Big Railroad Hobby Show

Jenna Nov 18, 2019

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    In just about three months, n-scalers from all over the northeast and as far north as Canada will descend upon West Springfield, MA to attend Winterfest 2020. This annual n-scale / NTRAK convention (which will celebrate its 52nd year) is held in conjunction with the Amherst Railway Society's Big Railroad Hobby Show at the Big E (Eastern States Exposition), January 25th and 26th, 2020.


    For the general public, Winterfest 2020 will give folks the chance to see some neat and extensive n-scale modules on display. The Northeast N-TRAK n-scale model train club hosts Winterfest and coordinates with several regional clubs (from all over the northeast and Canada) to provide modules to exhibit at the show. Some of these clubs (Northeast T-TRAK, MaiNE Track, and Valley N-Trak ) will feature n-scale train layouts (two N-TRAK and one T-TRAK) across three buildings.

    For folks interested in signing up for this event, Winterfest registrants receive:
    • admission to both days of the ARS show
    • multiple door prizes (typically, N Scale items)
    • a commemorative mug
    • a raffle ticket
    • admission to the Third Annual Manufacturer Mini Show (Friday night)

    Winterfest registrants get the chance to:
    • show off their module(s)
    • run trains
    • submit entries into the modeling contest, module contest (for both N-TRAK and T-TRAK), and photography contests
    • win great contest prizes (contributed by multiple industry sponsors)
    • win neat raffle prizes (also contributed by multiple industry sponsors)
    • (for a relatively small additional fee) attend the Saturday night banquet (this features a keynote speaker, contest and special recognition awards, freebie giveaway items and a raffle)
    Click here for general information about the ARS show (of which Winterfest is part).

    Click here to learn how to register for Winterfest 2020.

    Winterfest 2020 events start on Friday night at the nearby Hilton Garden Hotel and continue through Sunday.

    To learn about Winterfest 2019, you can read: 2019 Amherst Railway Show: An N-scale Perspective, Part 1

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