Williams AZ to Grand Canyon Train Trip

chartsmalm May 16, 2009

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    I know that this probably belongs in Railfanning, but I do not subscribe there. Being a rail fan as an activity is not one of my things. The N Scale Forum is where my "buds" hang out, so here's where I post it.

    My wife had bugged me for several years to take the Grand Canyon Railway Company trip from Williams AZ to the Grand Canyon. This year I gave her the trip for her Birthday. Our best friends, Ron and Linda McMullen joined us. We took the "luxury" trip - 2 days and one night at the Canyon and 2 nights at Williams. We left Williams in the Observation Car "Grand View" and returned in the Parlor Car "The Chief". On our 2nd day at the Canyon we were treated to an aerial show by 7 or 8 Condors as we were leaving the Arizona Room where we had lunch. The whole thing was a real ball.

    I am sure that many of you have done this trip. For those of you that haven't, I urge you to give it some thought for a great 4 day short vacation. In case you are interested, here's a link to the pictures of our trip, taken with a $70 HP cheapie.

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    Looks like a nice steam trip.

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