Where's your Wobbly (WP)

CHARGER Aug 28, 2006

  1. sd90ns

    sd90ns TrainBoard Member

    One of the ubiquitous Gp-7/9's shoving a couple of cement hoppers up the 4% grade to "High Eureka".
    I always use one of these older Atlas Gp's for this service as they are one of the best single locos I have for moving heavy loads.

    A U-23B is leading a west bound train into Petrolia where it will drop a string of cars destined for the many B&I's located there, including but not limited to the crude-oil loading dock.
    The WP keeps a Gp-7/9 stationed in Petrolia to perform all the necessary switching operations.

    Here a pair of Gp-35's are dropping a cut of cars at Red Bluff where they will be taken under tow by the waiting California Northern Sd-9 which will distribute them throughout the many B&I's located in Walther's Industrial Park as well as those in Riverbend.
    The California Northern has even been known to make a run over to Petrolia now and then to pick-up and or drop a few cars that routinely move between those two principalities.
  2. Pie39

    Pie39 TrainBoard Member

    Here's a Fox Valley boxcar I did some weathering on recently (and an unrelated car!)

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