Where to get CSX info?

jocatch Jan 6, 2010

  1. jocatch

    jocatch TrainBoard Member

    I live near Poughkeepsie, NY and a great place to watch CSX is along the Hudson river near and around the old Poughkeepsie train bridge (now the world's highest walkway).

    Alot of traffic goes thru here assuming it is coming from Selkirk and going to NYC. I would like to get some info like what these trains are carrying, where they are going, when they go by, etc, etc. You know, all the questions that a railfan with a camcorder would want to know.

    Anyone out there fimlar with the CSX line that goes along the Hudson from Kingston South?

  2. NBHotShot

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    Well here are a couple CSX basic's.


    Odd Numbers Run South and West
    Even Numbers Run North and East

    CSX TRAIN SYMBOLS Symbol Type Of Train
    A: Local
    B: Local
    C: Local
    D: Local
    E: Unit Coal Trains
    F: Local
    G: Unit Grain Trains
    H: Local
    J: Local
    K: Bulk Commodity Trains
    L: Alternate Schedule Of Q-Trains
    M: Local
    N: Unit Coal Trains
    P: Passenger Trains
    Q: Regulary Scheduled Trains
    R:Reroute of Certain Trains
    S:Second Section of Q-Trains
    T:Unit Coal Trians
    U:Unit Coal Trains
    V:Unit Coal Trains
    W:Coal, Work, or Special Loaded Trains
    X:Extra and Special Trains
    Y:Yard Jobs
    Z:Foregin Road Trains
    From RailroadRadio.net

    I would also get a scanner. It let's you listen in on the action, know train ID's, location and other things. Very useful! A great begineer scanner is the Uniden BC72XLT. I've had it for 2 year's and still take along on trips.

    Ask people about your line. Get a time Table for your subdivision, look at from google maps (my favorite tool for looking at lines :p).

    If I'm correct your on the CSX River Subdivision?
  3. N-builder

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    You beat me to it :)
  4. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    It also depends what you wanna model you don't necessarily have to model a certain branch. I mostly model a mixture of what CSX hauls. I also go out to see what CSX hauls in my area that way I can use this information to apply on my layout. From intermodal to coal etc.
  5. jocatch

    jocatch TrainBoard Member

    Thanks for the input. I am still not sure how to predict when a train will be coming by. I know early in the AM there always seems to be alot of trains (I see them while I am at work across the river). I do have a scanner and since my train spot is directly across from the Poughkpeeise AMTRAK station, I hear them too.

    I don't know what this CSX area is called. River Sub division sounds good, however.

    I have seen many garbage trains (they even run on the AMTRAK, old NYC tracks) on the east side of the Hudson late at night. But I was hoping to model coal trains and sidings as I have seen some coal trains and I have a few coal hoppers on order.

    I would like to go out and shoot photos of some of the industries CSX serves here in Central and Southern NY but I don't think there are many left, but then again, I don't know.

    I would like to go to Selkirk again and shoot some new photos of that place, what a railfan's dream. However, I am getting more afraid to go as I hear alot of stories about CSX police and terrorist attempts, I don't want to be arrested for just taking photos :cool:.

  6. N-builder

    N-builder TrainBoard Member

    Also check out my album I have a lot of rolling stock, that should give you ideas what CSX runs.
  7. BnOEngrRick

    BnOEngrRick TrainBoard Member

    E-empty coal trains. Q100 series are intermodal, Q200 series are automotive. Grain and coal trains do not follow directional numbering. Q700s can be bulk commodity trains also, such as trash trains and the Tropicana trains.

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