Where have the HO modelers gone?

HOexplorer May 14, 2011

  1. jhn_plsn

    jhn_plsn TrainBoard Supporter

    I don't compete with other scales as they all have strengths and as mentioned before one can learn from any scale as so many techniques are applicable for any project.

    I use the "New Post" button and regardless of forum if the tittle of the thread is chosen carefully I may take a look. If someone has a thread "Help!" I just keep on moving as it is not specific and I do not take the time to read past it.


    An N scaler waiting for the monster space for my dream HO layout.
  2. dieselfan1

    dieselfan1 Guest

    I'd say if you want HO you are at the wrong site. N is where its at and thats why I'm here. Z is also getting a lot more action. If you want HO just head over to that site with the magazine.
  3. Paul Liddiard

    Paul Liddiard Staff Member

    Hello, group. My name is Paul, and I'm a trainaHOllic. I've been addicted to HO trains since I received my first TYCO set in 1972. (Wow...I just realized that it will be a FORTY year addiction in December 2012!) We're still here and still modeling. Right now I have eight projects on the bench, and summer and lawn mowing is coming on...not enough hours in a single day to do what I want to do.
  4. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    My problem is like Tim and a few others. I like trains. So even though N is my favorite because of space limitations, I also have Z, HO, S and O. At one time I even had G. I started in HO and have many items in HO that I will never get rid of. Now to answer the question based purely on my opinion.

    1. As has been stated before, many of the things posted in the N forum are applicable to the HO guys. Scenery techniques, DCC, benchwork, track and prototype information. 90% of all those subjects are applicable to any scale. The April Railroad Model Craftsman had a great article on a north eastern style bridge and abutments that happened to be on a HO layout, but the information was perfect for my N scale layout and the scale drawings were in N.

    2. Many have commented that all the mainstream railroad magazines only cater to HO scalers. If that is true, maybe the HO guys are reading the magazines, while the N scalers are asking advice as to what decoder to use in a Life Like SW switcher and how to do it. I'm no expert, so when my small fleet is up for decoders and I can't find the answer, I will post the question in the N scale forum.

    3. Finally some have nailed it on the head. Some read and do not post because they do not have anything to add to the conversation, the information is available elsewhere on this board or they are busy modeling.

    4. Last, it's spring, going into summer. Many of us are outside working on our homes, with our families or whatever other outdoor activity, so time on the layout and associated "updates" are at a low this time of year.

    I doubt it is a HO versus any other scale thing, more of a Model Railroad Forum versus any other activity thing.
  5. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    Ya don't say...................

    Not so fast there, Chief.........you're writing off us HO scalers way too soon. Although there are more vocal N scalers on this particular forum than any other scale, it doesn't mean HO is nonexistant. We have quite a few talented HOers on Trainboard- they're just not as vocal.

    I've been here at Trainboard almost since Day One, and spent most of that time as an HO modeler. I've returned to HO, and besides other forums I'll continue to stay here. The entire foum, not just one sub-forum, is "where it's at", IMO.

    Now, where was I? Oh yes.......there are more N scalers than HO scalers here on Trainboard, but the statistics are backwards from the overall number of modelers in the hobby, where HO still holds the advantage. Not to say there isn't a lot of awesome stuff coming from N scale. Also, I see things done in other scales that I can see as having potential for adaptation in other scales.

    As I said earlier, the HOers are still here. Could be they're too busy working on their model railroads to post..........:tb-wink:
  6. Tracy McKibben

    Tracy McKibben TrainBoard Member

    A theory

    Speaking from my own personal experience - HO is what you see in the magazines, and what you see there is presented in a "cream of the crop" sort of way. It's intimidating to hold your own work up in comparison to that stuff, especially on an Internet forum, where there's no shortage of "you did it wrong", "you're in the wrong scale", or "that orange is the wrong shade". Face it, some of us modelers have the social skills of a badger.

    I just recently started scratchbuilding, and one of the reasons it took so long is because I would see these "masterpieces", and think there's no way I could ever match that. I've since discovered how much effort goes into making those things magazine-ready. I've become good friends with a local guy who has been in several magazines, multiple times, and I've seen "under the skirts" of his layout. Underneath there, I found the same mistakes, the same shortcuts, the same "dirty secrets" that I myself have done/taken/hidden.

    That realization, and some encouragement from him, were all it took for me to attempt my first scratchbuild. With no intent of sounding arrogant, my work is every bit as good as his. I've never had a problem sharing photos of my work with others, but I have a great deal more confidence in doing so now.

    Just a thought....
  7. friscobob

    friscobob Staff Member

    Amen to that! Like I said earlier, this model railroading, not brain surgery. IMO, if it has flanged wheels, it's OK in my book. I've seen layouts in just about every scale imaginalbe, in every level of intricacy of detail imaginable, from strict prototype modeling to freelance, and I've yet to be disappointed. Those who approach this hobby in a black-and-white attitude are people I don't care to associate with.

    And it matters not one whit what scale one models- sorry, naysayers....... ;)

    As it is, I'm my own worst critic when it comes to my modeling skills, so nitpicking I don't need. Helpful suggestions are always welcome, and appreciated.
  8. HOexplorer

    HOexplorer TrainBoard Supporter

    Tracy and friscobob, Somewhere I remember a line about expert modelers. "The difference between modelers and expert modelers is that an expert modelers cover up mistakes better." Or something like that. Jim
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  9. traingeekboy

    traingeekboy TrainBoard Member

    Te problem eez dey haitch oh mottellers are too beeg to feet een tu de tiny internets!

    ;) he he he
  10. karnydoc

    karnydoc TrainBoard Member

    In a related vein, what about the Trainboard advertisers? The ones I see in the rotating banners are predominantly N scale specialists or suppliers. (Granted, some may even carry other scales, but it's not mentioned.)

    Dieter Zakas
    Curious, NJ
  11. Geared Steam

    Geared Steam Permanently dispatched

    That makes perfect sense, something I didn't think about, thank you.
  12. Geared Steam

    Geared Steam Permanently dispatched

  13. Kitbash

    Kitbash TrainBoard Supporter

    We're out here.

    I haven't done much posting. I have been in my workshop working on cars and in my attic working on my trainroom.

    Between my profession and hobby, I haven't had much time for "posting", only lurking. My goal is to get the confounded trainroom done and some of the several hundred unbuilt kits I have "built". I can't do that if I'm posting.

    ALL in HO of course. But I have been lurking when I get a brief moment. I will say, we have some EXCELLENT HO modelers in our Trainboard, HO community.

    "Post"? Or "Model"? That is the question.
  14. Smithsr

    Smithsr TrainBoard Member

    Growing pains in the other scales causing lots of debate and excitement. HO seems well sorted by comparison. Tech continually improves allowing more function in smaller spaces, and the trend is to go small... until the eyes and hands give up..
  15. Joe Daddy

    Joe Daddy TrainBoard Member

    Bob, right on

    I joined a couple of local clubs. Amazing how much more I started learning when I started going on layout tours too. My clubs have about 30 a year, 5 this month alone.

    HO. 3
    N. 1
    LS. 1

    I also figured out that I'd rather see the results of my efforts in the train room, not on my monitor. . .

    all scales is good

  16. RailMix

    RailMix TrainBoard Member

    I don't post every day, but usually check out the forum to see what's new.
  17. MOPMAN

    MOPMAN TrainBoard Member

    I still model in HO. Wouldn't have it any other way. This was the first forum I ever posted anything on and I have followed it almost daily ever since. I enjoyed following the progress of other HO'ers on this forum as well as other scales. However, over the years fewer and fewer people post a reply to my layout thread and now I get no response to a posting, so why waste my time if no one is interested. As one N scaler just posted, I must be on the wrong forum because I get more response to my standard gauge railroad on the only other forum I visit that is predominately large scale narrow gaugers. Go figure.
  18. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    Can't see why you are'nt getting any comments Mopman. Just looked through your layout pics. and see you do some real fine modeling. I also remember seeing that piggyback loading ramp here recently, real nice. (even if it is Horribly Oversize) :D .....Mike
  19. mogollon

    mogollon TrainBoard Member

    Could be that the reason there is little interest in HO guys here is that they are belittled and called "Horribly Oversized", etc. by those who model in tiny scales. I can appreciate N and Z scale but the attitudes of some borders on outright descrimination. Sure, you need to have thick skin to not get rattled by some of the comments but why? I am not in HO but do use 16.5 MM gauge for my narrow gauge line-I don't call HO modelers names or laugh at them because they model in a scale smaller than I use. So to you fellows who have an "agenda" against HO modelers I say don't dish it out if you can't take it. The door swings both ways. There's room for everybody, HO modelers and those who love mechanized mice.
  20. Jim Wiggin

    Jim Wiggin Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    I can see any modelers of any scale acting like that. As a self described N fanatic I have have jokingly said Horribly Oversized, yet I love 1/48 O. Your going to get ribbing in no matter what you do or enjoy. Hummer guys vs Jeep guys, Muscle cars vs ricers, Harely Davidson vs crotch rockets, Cessna vs Piper, HO vs insert flavor of the moment scale here.

    Fact is, HO is established, is the best selling scale of all the others and gets coverage no matter what, so I guess the N guys feel they have to use other avenues to get their tech on. Trainboard has always been a good place for me to share ideas on N scale specific topics.

    I still have a lot of HO and someday WILL have a small HO switching layout. Personally, I don't care what scale it is, as long as it's a train.

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