What was your latest purchase?

Primavw Feb 4, 2012

  1. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    if you look really closely at real footage of the Hello Kitty Shinkansen train, you can still see the NERV logos on the seats. It was the same train for both.
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  2. DeaconKC

    DeaconKC TrainBoard Member

    Did they ever do a Robotech Train?
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  3. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    Not that I know of, but I would love to see it. Also a Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers for us un the US)
  4. OC Engineer JD

    OC Engineer JD Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Last purchase was BLI Bigboy 4012, and it arrived today. Looks great! Cant wait to operate it:)
  5. Traindork

    Traindork TrainBoard Member

    Please, please, stop posting pictures of the Japanese trains. I've been resisting a Kato N700S and I feel myself losing the battle!

    I've got both the Hello Kitty and Eva 500s and they're some of my favorite trains. The Eva was going for a thousand dollars for a while, and even that didn't convince me to get rid of it. I've seen a few pictures of what will eventually be the E8, and I'm already looking forward to adding it to the stable.
  6. MetraMan01

    MetraMan01 TrainBoard Member

    It’s finally here!!! The ScaleTrains ET44 CN Wisconsin Central unit!

    All that remains is to carefully remove the CN IPO markings on the front of the cab…

    Also a bunch of other stuff came it that I’m excited about.

    -Last 4 reefers
    -6 cylindrical hoppers patched over to NYDX
    -Last CP GEVOs-the Vancouver Olympics ones. these and the hoppers are special runs and I has on the fence about spending the money for months.
    -Latest MTL weathered sets.
    -20’ and 53’ chassis’s from JTC


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  7. James Fitch

    James Fitch TrainBoard Member

    Just received an Athearn N scale Tank Train 3 car set off the bay.
  8. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    Coming from Amazon tomorrow to hopefully hookup my turnouts and such? And maybe some WS street & traffic lights in the future?

    2023-01-24_21-04-19.png 2023-01-24_21-09-35.png
  9. John Moore

    John Moore TrainBoard Supporter

    Well in the pursuit of even smaller motive power I received notice from my Japanese vender of a small diesel steeple cab switcher that is even smaller than the pocket line steeple cab switcher.. This one measures out to 41 mm long or about 22 N scale feet. Made by Kato for TGW. I already have four TGW locos on the layout and and they rank as some of the best locos I have owned.

    They are a 3 axle linked by side rods design. These little locos will take the tightest N scale radius that is out there.

    Impressive little switchers. Two of these little critters will soon be winging their way to my house.
  10. Calzephyr

    Calzephyr TrainBoard Supporter

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  11. nscalestation

    nscalestation TrainBoard Supporter

    Don't feel guilty, it's way too easy to get hooked on Japanese trains. My rule is to only buy ones that I have actually ridden on and I still have quite the collection. They are always updating so there's always something new. Going again soon so I'm sure to pick up a few more.
  12. BigJake

    BigJake TrainBoard Member

    I just received an order from the BORG with a few tools that I can at least claim are model railroad related:
    1. 12" long 1/2" diameter drill bit to drill wiring holes through the stacked foam layout. The price was fair, but the short flutes will require pulling the bit out of a deep hole frequently to clear the chips. I can live with that.
    2. K l e i n adjustable length screwdriver, to replace my ~30 yr old Craftsman* long shank #2 Phillips screwdriver that broke at the tip a couple months ago. This one's shank length adjusts from 4" to 8", is double-ended w/#2 Phillips & 1/4" Slotted tips, and the shank locks rock steady in the handle with no wobble. I should note that, like most of this brand of screwdrivers, the handle is fairly large in diameter, and may not suit some users with small hands, but the large, rubber sleeved handle provides good grip and torque for those that do have larger hands. Made in USA.
    3. Set of three assorted double-ended shanks for the above screwdriver.
    *I probably could have gotten a free replacement for the Craftsman screwdriver, but they are no longer made in USA, while the woo woo woo is, and is also more versatile. Note that not all K l e i n hand tools are made in USA, but this one is. I have several different K l e i n hand tools, and have been happy with all of them, going back to an old, #2 Phillips my father had that finally just wore out (likely because it was also the most frequently used).

    Note: Underlining and inserting s p a c e s is required to avoid being automatically replaced with "woo woo woo" due to a hobby shop of the same name as this well known manufacturer of quality tools.
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  13. eposte12

    eposte12 TrainBoard Supporter

    019E7CC6-4517-4083-86C0-DCC3C74B6E47.jpeg Got these from lhs today
  14. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    I have never been there to ride one so… I don’t have any purchase rules when it comes to trains, I get what I like and run it how I want. German, French, and Japanese trains all at the same station at the same time… yup. Don’t forget Amtrak too!
  15. Trains

    Trains TrainBoard Member

    Just picked up a set of 8 Marco Trains Fruit Growers EX. reefers.
  16. Massey

    Massey TrainBoard Member

    I got the second of the 3 Hello Kitty Haruka trains. This one had origami themes in the graphics. The first had a comb and hair pin, and the 3rd has butterflies. The 3rd will be in a month or so.

    E1C3C672-B6E0-4759-8D1C-D5B36FF72BBC.jpeg 963E4237-E0C6-44AD-875A-2A71085F0918.jpeg
  17. Martin Station

    Martin Station TrainBoard Member

    Just picked up my Kato ACL-42 today! I had already bought the light kit to light up side "picture windows" but before I attempt to remove the shell and break something, maybe I should ask if anyone else already has theirs and has removed the shell. Kato has a video on their website showing how simple it is to install the light kit, but they skipped the shell removal part. With kato most shells are easy to remove but others, not so much. Mine is the "Day One" # 301 black and blue paint. It's really a fine looking locomotive and I can't wait to get the light kit installed.
  18. in2tech

    in2tech TrainBoard Member

    IF it is like the N Scale P42 you have to get the shell off like this, as this is what I did after getting mine to install the decoder. that is IF it is the same? Should be?

    Time stamp 3:15!

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  19. Martin Station

    Martin Station TrainBoard Member

    in2tech, thanks for the reply. This may be a bit of a different animal but we shall see. This one already has a place for a DCC sound speaker in the fuel tank and a bit different on the bottom of the chassie than the P42, but maybe it will come off the same way. The etched see thru fan grills (at least they look etched to me) and separate fans under them look fantastic. The motor is moved forward of center so the lit engine room can be unobstructed. This is in IMHO one of Kato's better diesel offerings. Thanks again, I'll look this over again.
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  20. Martin Station

    Martin Station TrainBoard Member

    Brad, I have ridden trains between Toyota City and Nagoya and one regular passenger train to another city to watch a horse race. They are great to ride on. I never got the chance for one of the bullet trains :cry:, but my daughter has and she said it was almost like the seating on an airliner (first class). She was kind enough to bring me back some commuter cars and I did pick me up a Kato ED75 and later picked up an ED79 here. Your right, they can be additive. One thing I do remember being told, "if you are late, don't try blaming it on a late train because it just doesn't happen here. If it does, the Conductor will write your boss a note so he will believe you".

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