What Type of Roofing Material?

Intarsiabox Jul 31, 2023

  1. Intarsiabox

    Intarsiabox TrainBoard Member

    This is my first HO scale building that I've ever built, it's for a new layout I'm just starting. I'm not really sure of the types of roofing material that would have been used on the bus canopy shelters? I was thinking of tar paper on the main building as well as adding an exhaust fan and an A/C unit. Any ideas or recommendations? thumbnail_IMG_3702.jpg thumbnail_IMG_3703.jpg
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  2. BoxcabE50

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    I might guess it would have had a tar and aggregate coating. The roof looks good as is now. After you add those details, even better.
  3. jamcool

    jamcool TrainBoard Member

    You could use light gray N scale ballast to copy the aggregate coating. In more current times there are aluminum-based coatings, white elastomeric coatings, and the sprayed on foam coatings-which turn a dirty white after a few years.
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