What is happening on your layout?

texasdon Oct 20, 2003

  1. texasdon

    texasdon E-Mail Bounces

    Hi Everyone,

    The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, so I have not had time to check on Trainboard. I just wondered how everyone is doing and how their layouts are coming.

    I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Houston S Gaugers to a meeting in late September at a member's very nice home layout. It was quite inspiring to see a well done home S layout.

    I am starting to plan my own layout and have a few ideas. I have a Showcase Line SW9 and caboose plus 2 covered hoppers. I have converted all to scale operations with Kadee 802 couplers. The locomotive has a Digitrax decoder in it. I can run them merrily back and forth on my 7' test track. It is not much, but, as Pink Floyd says, "It is a hell of a start, it could be made into a monster..."

    Now I could use some suggestions on a nice layout design for a 9'x12' space......
  2. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Staff Member


    Get some paper and start drawing. :D Do you want to switch only or have the capability to do some continuous running?

  3. jasonboche

    jasonboche TrainBoard Member

    My layout? I've been painting Peco turnouts with clear nail polish to prevent the arcing and shorting as metal wheels cross the frogs.
  4. texasdon

    texasdon E-Mail Bounces

    Hi Jason and Greg,

    I can imagine that visible arcing would be annoying. I am planning to use the Shinohara track. Does it also have a history of arcing problems?

    I would like to focus on switching with my layout, but I would like to be able to run continuously for those times when you need to just let the trains roll around after a hard day at work. I will be on a several week business trip, which should give me some time to play with sketches. Any ideas or sources would be appreciated.

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