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Alan May 19, 2000

  1. Justin

    Justin E-Mail Bounces

    Hmm.. perhaps i am a tad late on this thread [​IMG] but here goes

    My photo equipment consists of:

    80-200 f/2.8 AF-S lens
    35-70 f/3.5-4.5 AF-D lens
    TC20E 2x teleconverter
    SB-25 Flash

    What can i say.. im a Nikon man! Thinking of gettin a 20 or 24mm wideangle. 35mm just cant cut it anymore, aint wide enough!. Also, i might buy a Graflex 4x5 Speed Graphic if i find a good price for one. Perhaps someday i will get a Mamiya 6x7.. but thats just a idle thought (you think Nikons expensive, try Medium Format!).

    I shoot Fuji slide film (Sensia, Velvia, Astia) almost exclusively. For B&W i use Ilford Delta 400 and Kodak T-Max (both good films). For a a tripod i have a Bogen 3021.

    No digtal camera yet! Might get this insert for my N90 which will let me take digital shots, but who knows. Sony Mavica and Coolpix 950 looking real attractive right now for digital, as i can take 360x360 shots with the 950.

    No video capabilites yet.... me and my friend are trying to get a 16mm or 8mm film camera to make short movies. If we do.. well then, i'll have silent films about FEC! [​IMG]

    No film scanner right now (silly me, i shoot slides!). Have a HP flatbed scanner that i use to scan old railroadiana i have laying around.. and when i get the occasional slide printed for someone. Might get the Coolscan III for film.

    Can't forget the trusty ol spiral notepad! Tried a Palm V, but cant write fast enough!

  2. chessie

    chessie TrainBoard Supporter

    My 2 cents ... although very late. I had been using 35mm color prints for my railroad pics; I started with a Canon AE and have moved on through their line to the T90 before switching to an auto-focus A2E (it is too hard to shoot rapidly moving trains w/o autofocus). I really enjoyed the A2E, which I usually shot with the 28-105mm AF lens. The range was not as good as some of more older, longer lenses, but I usually had access to everything I shot, so distance was not an issue.
    To be quite honest, shooting train pics faded in importance after the birth of my first child. Now, with three children, it was even less of an issue. I did have the opportunity to acquire a digital camera to assist in some work projects. I chose a Kodak DC290. It has a resolution of 3.3 megapixels and I can print color prints from my HP printer that outshine most everything I was ever able to do (or enlarge) with my 35mm. (it has optional lenses too). One of the greatest satisfactions in digital photography is the "instant gratification" that comes from being able to see and review your "photos" while they are still in the camera. If you like them, you can save (and print) them, if not, just delete them. As far as features, I have to admit, that the digital cannot match the F stop range nor shutter speed of my 35mm, however, with enough $$, you can probably find one that can. For me, the digital basically takes cheap, great quality pics that I can upload via USB cable and manipulate at will- try that with 35mm. Although they both serve a different purpose, I think digital will become the winning technology.

  3. Chessie_SD50_8563

    Chessie_SD50_8563 Permanently dispatched

    I use a camera that might be older than I am. I use my grandfather's Canon AE-1 that he says dates to the early 1980s. Old but takes good pictures. Pain in the a** to load.

    Theres no such thing as having to many coal hoppers or GP40-2 when you model Chessie System
  4. Gats

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by chessie: (snipped)
    I have to admit, that the digital cannot match the F stop range nor shutter speed of my 35mm, however, with enough $$, you can probably find one that can...


    For those with the dollars... the Nikon D-1, Canon EOS D30, Fuji S-1 Pro(Nikon body) for starters - all SLR bodies with CCD pick-up. The cost?... LOTS! [​IMG]

    Still not the F-Stop range of 35mm, though [​IMG]


    For those interested in digital camera views and reviews, try Steve's Digi-Cams

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