What 10 Engines would you keep? A realistic Question!

ken G Price Feb 14, 2014

  1. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Member

    I know I have more locomotives than I need, and half are not converted to knuckle couplers or have other issues. However my need for locomotives is predicated by my desire for operations. When I get my layout built, I plan on running:
    Two inbound and 2 outbound manifest freights daily, need 2-3 locos each, FT, F3, F7 sets or GP-7, GP-9 lashups.
    Average one inbound grain extra daily, 2-3 locos.
    District local freight 3 days weekly in each direction, inbound and outbound alternating days, 1 GEEP
    Two passenger trains, one F7-ABBA set and one PA-PB set.
    Local trunkline yard and passenger terminal switching, at least 1 switcher.
    Port switching railroad, at least 1 switcher.
    That's 22 locos and/or units just to keep things squeaking by. And I'm not sure where to keep them- engine facilities have been down low on my list of things to fit in. I am not crazy about locos. What I AM crazy about is freight cars and operations. And it takes locos to move them.
  2. Run8Racing

    Run8Racing TrainBoard Member

    If anyone is actually considering doing this, get ahold of me. BN, PC, and CRI&P get to the front of the line !!!
  3. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    I find this to be a pretty interesting question. For those that take it semi-seriously, it can really make you stop and think about what is important to you, and perhaps how your buying habits can be altered. I actually went through this process on a VERY serious level at one point after a major life change...I literally sat down and said "10 locos, 100 freight cars....GO!" and wrote down what I planned to keep. At the time, I had no idea if I would even be able to keep those, but it was really a "refreshing" exercise after I was done. Although not ideal, I still felt like I could have a nice roster of locomotives and cars to run...and the more responsible approach lifted a lot of stress of "hobby overspending guilt". As it turns out, I didn't have to go to that extreme, but I did shave my locomotive roster by over a half, and similar cuts in freight cars. My current roster of locomotives is 28 "active" plus a few projects in the works. My goal is to keep in under 40 until such time that that number is insufficient to handle an ops session. So I'm keepin' it lean! I am shooting for a not-quite-as-conservative 15:1 to 20:1 freight car to loco ratio, so not quite as lean with the cars although right now I'm close to the 15:1...may even be a little under. I still run through the exercise on occasion, both as a "sanity check" and to help prioritize projects. Here is my latest "Saginaw Transfer" list (locomotives only):

    (2) Kato C44-9W BNSF H2
    (2) Kato SD70MAC BN/BNSF
    (1) Bachmann 44T Switcher (for Car Repair Facility)
    (1) ATSF SD40-2
    (1) BN SD40-2
    (1) Amtrak F40PH
    (1) Amtrak P42DC
    (1) BN GP39M

    This one hurt a little bit, since I was blowing two "loco credits" on an Amtrak train where one really wasn't a locomotive at all. But the "Heartland Flyer" is a signature train for the area and I thought it was important for setting the locale/era. I considered counting it as one, but decided to stick with it since I was indeed leaving the power and decoder in the F40PH unit even if it was a "Cabbage". Since then, I have actually sold the Amtrak units since both were not the right scheme/phase for what I was modelling...so I should update this if I were to pick 10 *today*. SO here goes...

    (1) Kato C44-9W BNSF H2
    (2) Kato SD70MAC BN/BNSF
    (1) Bachmann 44T Switcher (for Car Repair Facility)
    (1) Kato ATSF SD40-2
    (1) Kato BN SD40-2
    (1) Atlas LMX B39-8
    (1) Atlas BNSF SWB Dash 8-40BW
    (1) FVM ATSF SWB GP60B
    (1) Atlas BN GP39M

    Here was my "five" answer, for grins...
    (1) Kato BN SD70MAC
    (1) Kato BNSF C44-9W
    (1) Kato BN SD40-2
    (1) Kato ATSF SD40-2
    (1) Atlas LMX B39-8
  4. Dave

    Dave Permanently dispatched

    Doug A., Your answer is very thoughtful and that is what I trying to get people to do with the 'five loco' question. It can be serious or not but if it is thought provoking, then I believe it is a good thing. On your 'ten' list, you have a FVM GP60B but no GP60M; what would you pair the B unit with? I am just curious.
  5. Doug A.

    Doug A. TrainBoard Supporter

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed my thought process and thanks for posting the original Five thread. I think of it as...I have to at least run one coal train, one intermodal, one grain, and one manifest. What's the least common denominator to get at least somewhat appropriate power on those trains? With five, it's tough...I had to concede to running an SD70MAC with a C44-9W for coal power which seldom/never happened. But, it sortakinda looks like a 70MAC/AC4400 lashup so in a pinch it had to do. ;-)

    Regarding the GP60B, well in the late 90's/early 00's I saw them in a variety of lashups. Here I would most commonly run it with the BNSF SWB Dash 8 just to get a nice A-B Silver Warbonnet set. One of my favorite lashups I ever saw was an A-B-B-A lashup of--get this--BNSF SWB Dash 8, ATSF GP60B, BN B30-7A(B), and LMX Dash 8. So I could throw the LMX unit on there as well, with my 10-unit roster. But from about, say, 1997 until sometime around 9/11 just about any lashup could and did happen.
  6. kiasutha

    kiasutha TrainBoard Member

    Not as hard for me as some, as I only have 40-some locos.

    I'd first combine my 2 "possibles" from the other list-
    2 Micro-Ace 0-6-6-0 mallets (fitted with 8-wheel Kato trucked tenders)
    5 MDC/Athearn 2-8-0's
    1 Model Power 4-4-0 (tender re-fitted with Kato trucks)
    1 MDC/Athearn 2-6-0
    1 Bachmann 4-6-0 (because it's the only one available)

    If this expands any further, I'd add a couple Micro-Ace Moguls and Bachmann Consols.
    I know it's cheating slightly as I'm waiting for the second run,
    but I'd also think about adding the Atlas 4-4-0 to the list.
  7. cne_craig

    cne_craig New Member

    My steam list would be as follows:

    Atlas 4-4-0
    Athearn 2-6-0
    Athearn 2-8-0
    Bach 4-6-0
    Bach 2-8-0

    Which is just what I need to model the Connecticut Western/CNE.

    As for diesels:
    Kato P42
    Kato E8
    Kato GP38
    Kato Gp50
    and believe it or not an old Atlas/Kato GP9 heavily modified with NScaleNevada frame, and new motor. It was my first Nscale engine, so Its got to stay.

  8. Allen H

    Allen H TrainBoard Supporter


    Rock Island had to many oddities and one off's.....:(
  9. Team DTO

    Team DTO TrainBoard Member

    I'm modeling modern era CSX so my roster for now is, 1-GP15-1, 2-GP38-2, 2-SD60, 2-SD70ACe, and 2-ES44DC.
  10. TVRR

    TVRR TrainBoard Member

    Since we get 5 more, I can be a little more widespread in my choices
    IM FT A&B Black Tuxedo DCC 2
    Kato E8 A&A Southern Green DCC 2
    Kato GG1 5 str Brunswick DCC 1
  11. gcav17

    gcav17 TrainBoard Member

    Oh my! You guys and your 'what ifs' ! Ok, since I only have ten that will be in my stable, I suppose that will be all of them. Lets see,, two Kato/cc Hudson, one Kato/cc Baltic, one Kato Mike, one Kato/cc s-2 northern, one MP Mike, one MP Pacific, one athearn mogul, one spectrum ten wheeler, one spectrum Connie. One atlas chippewa , and a Kato/cc DL 109...

    I have several old atlas locomotives and two old Bachmans. If they all those got cooked, drowned, eaten, smashed, torched, or became victims of my son and fireworks. I would not cry to much. :D

    Sent from my Commando
  12. Primavw

    Primavw TrainBoard Member

    My heritage's count for 5 of these... sheesh

    -NS 9256 Dash 9
    -Amtrak P42
    -NS SD60M
    -2 NS SD40-2's
  13. MRL

    MRL TrainBoard Member

    2 BN C30-7's
    1 BN U30C
    4 FTE BN SD40-2's
    1 Oakway SD60
    1 BN B30-7A
    1 LMX B39-8
  14. Mike C

    Mike C TrainBoard Member

    Yea ! I get to keep them all !
    MP Pacific
    Kato Mikado
    Bman Consolidation
    Bman Lt. Mountain
    Bman 2-10-2
    Bman 4-6-0
    Bman 2-6-6-2
    Bman 0-6-0
    Lifelike C liner A B set

    Bman is making some great locos, can't wait to see what they come up with next......Mike
  15. Pie39

    Pie39 TrainBoard Member


    2 Ann Arbor GP35s.
    NS PRR heritage by FVM
    NS Gevo by FVM
    CSX Gevo FVM
    Kato F40PH Amtrak phase III
    Kato Amtrak P42
    Kato CR SD70MAC
    Atlas CR GP38
    Hmm...every other loco I own :teeth:
  16. Pete Nolan

    Pete Nolan TrainBoard Supporter

    Or what five locos would I keep? Either question is realistic. Your answer might not be.
  17. SPsteam

    SPsteam TrainBoard Member

    I would keep the following:

    Key 4-10-2 SP
    Key 4-8-2 Mountain 1/2 daylight
    Key 4-8-2 Mountain
    Key AC-4
    Key AC-5
    Key AC-6
    Key AC-8 (smoothest brass loco I've ever owned)
    Kitbashed SP 4-6-2 P10
    Kitbashed SP 2-10-2 F 4
    Kitbashed 2-6-6-2 logging Mallet
  18. Grey One

    Grey One TrainBoard Supporter

    @Sandro Schaer, um, I'd love to see your response but I fear it would have to be:
    Which 100? Yes? 1000? :)
  19. zinker55

    zinker55 TrainBoard Member

    ALL of my Atlas B&O GP30's......
  20. Spookshow

    Spookshow TrainBoard Member

    Anything that I actually expended some effort on :)


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