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virtual-bird Jun 8, 2000

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    For weighting cars, I use stick-on tyre (tire) weights. Hit the local tyre shop and ask for a few and you will possibly get them for free.
    There appears to be 2 types - one in 7g (1/4 oz) increments, and the other in 5/10g increments - that we get Here. Check out what is available locally.
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    what weight should cars be?
    I notice that a lot of box cars are light and some hoppers and others are HEAVY...

    is there a rule for this in N scale?

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    The NMRA has a formula for all scales,and they are located in their web site.However the one for N-scale is: .50oz to start and .15oz for every REAL inch of car.It works in all scales. (I model in HO and N)But in N scale much more operation is possible. I weight ALL my cars use MT low profile wheelsets and have no problems at Ntrack shows.Try it you'll like it.

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    I've tried the weighting thing. Even to the point of weighting cars so if they were loaded they would be heavier than empty. I have since scrapped all that. Now I stick to the NMRA recommendations. But the crux of the underlying proplem still remains bad track, sharp curves and different rolling qualities of wheelsets.

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