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YoHo Aug 8, 2021

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    It is amazing how quickly Union Pacific was able to turn around and get the railroad moving again. Almost exactly 1 month earlier than Planned, the trestle was rebuilt and service to Oregon restored. They were about one day away from running up the Sisikyous. The dixie fire rages on burning north, but with the canyon burned already, UP set to work repairing bridges and ties and the Feather River Canyon sub was restored the same day. Just in time for the River Fire to threaten Colfax and the double track to Donner
    Its been rough for UP in Norcal. And the Dixie fire is still not done it is currently burning its way north on the east side of Mt. Lassen BNSF's inside gateway has not been as lucky as UP has.

    This quick grab shot is of a long double track waiting to enter the yard in Roseville, sky filled with smoke. It likely is coming from the Feather River though it could be from Oregon.
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    Back in the 90s, before and during th CN merger, GTW was relying on a lot of leased poiwer, often making railfannig a colorful experience. Here, a rather interesting consist is leaving the siding just west of Emmett, MI on a very cold, snowy day. I'm going to guess that the third diesel is another Red and black CN unit.

    IMAG0016 (2).JPG
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    Some CP action at the Ste-Thérèse depot:


    That's RS18 8791 ahead of 8787 shoving some cars next to the somewhat age-weary freight house back in August of 1979.

    I like how my Dad framed the switch stand in the photo.:cool:

    After this shuffling around, the duo continues on to Ste-Thérèse-West yard next to the GM plant.

    Today, neither the GM plant, nor the old freight house, and all but one of the visible tracks here are gone (the one left is the second nearest).

    The old station is nearly unrecognizable today, painted white (was red) and windows blanked out, serving as a radio "shack" next to a cell tower. The new commuter station is across the tracks from here, about where the first telegraph pole is visible on the right. The lumber yard behind the poles is now a parking lot for the commuter station and bus lanes accessing the station.

    A lot of things have changed, but the great memories of the trains I saw here as a kid, on school lunch breaks, stay etched in my heart.:)

    Photo by my Dad, Roger.

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    Former TVRM (Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum) Geep 1912 was found in St Mary's GA on 7/22/21. It would appear that there is some sort of dinner/tourist type operation being run on the St. Mary's RR. Wasn't able to get any closer than this. Would have loved to shot some of those passenger cars.

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    West bound in Rosenberg, Texas. (Well, as the compass points. North bound on the BNSF)
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    Wow! Wow! Wow! Good report and pic.
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    Fine pics!
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