MODELING Weekend Photo Fun, August 20, 2021

r_i_straw Aug 20, 2021

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    My recently purchased trailers.

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    Very nice flatcar load. Here is one I made 10-15 years ago. I was setting up with The New Mexico Railrunners of Albuquerque all the time and the folks attending the shows often asked about "the small trains motors", so I put this together to "show" them what the motors looked like. It is not one of the best, you should recognize the manufacturer. Most folks were amazed about the flywheels.

    Nowhere as nice as yours, but it worked, people were happy with my answers:


    Be well,

    I got to looking at some of my "ole stuff" and found this. I prominently displayed it on a module during shows. It drew some comments good and bad. You can't fix stupid !

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