Weekend Foto Fun 10-28-05

r_i_straw Oct 28, 2005

  1. Jeff B

    Jeff B TrainBoard Member

    Great work Yall! Paul love that transfer cab.
    Flash your scenes look like Texas to me. Eagle
    I like the GP 15-1 as well.
  2. Fotheringill

    Fotheringill Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Guys, terrific shots.

    I used my new jigsaw to cut a hole in the layout to get eye level shots.


    I don't know what the wood between the rails over a bridge is called but I have seen it on several layouts and in metal on the LIRR and NYC system at elevated portions with bridges.
    But, I made one and installed it. I am doing this straight from memory and after searching several sites with railroad bridge photographs.

  3. atsf_arizona

    atsf_arizona TrainBoard Supporter

    Hi, all,

    Great shots like always.

    Nothing for me today, been on vacation for 2 weeks, and am starting a European business trip for the next two weeks. If I get any good railroad or model railroad shots while there, I'll share them later on.

    Take care, all!
  4. MEC_FAN

    MEC_FAN TrainBoard Member

    Secretweapon glad you could get to the layout and run that B-unit, better than sitting in a box at my house!!
    This last week Pete and I got 6 more tortises installed. We also wired up one SE8C signal board and mounted it under the layout. Last night we wired 8 Tortises to the SE8 and tried it out. Being able to throw turnouts from your throttle (DT-400) is really cool.
    After we tried throwing switches from the throttle and running a train in and out of the yard Pete broke out his laptop and sketched up a quick track ladder and made some routes. From the throttle you can punch up the route number for the track you want to go to off the switch lead and all the turnouts line up for you really cool.
    Also got the cheater track from the Searsport sub to the County line connected and down to the bridge.


  5. sitchad

    sitchad TrainBoard Member

    Hello all,

    Great pictures as usual. No pictures of the existing N scale layout tonight from me. I started the process of changing to HO and listed about 30 engines on e-Bay tonight.

    But I do have a few pictures of my latest additions.

    SD-24 #403. QSI sound and it does sound good.


    Meet engineer Phil. Wave HI Phil..

    It's a very nice unit that runs great, at least on my 3 feet of track, and the sound is very cool. I love to turn the cooling fans on.

    The other addition is SP. Life Like GP-20.


    The Life Like has great detail like the Atlas. What surprised me was even though they are both EMD's they do have a different sound, the pumps are different, compressors etc. Very nice. To hear them idle or run together you know without looking there are two EMD engines at work.

    Last picture, roof detail. SD-24 bottom, GP-20 top. Sometimes I half way expect those fan blades to start turning.


    I will really miss my N scale but I am looking forward to the new adventure. Thanks for all the ideas. I did change the Layout plan to get rid of the duckunders.

    [ October 30, 2005, 05:46 PM: Message edited by: sitchad ]
  6. Tad

    Tad TrainBoard Supporter

    Nice work, everyone.

    The prototype.


    My version.


    I used a Dimi Trains sugarbeet gondola. I know it is not exactly the same car, but I didn't think I could find a closer one without scratch building the whole thing. Maybe one of these days. :cool:

  7. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter


    Very nice car and very nice weathering, too. The car is close to the prototype. Appears that the prototype has one extra section in the middle (9 instead of 8 panels). It would be a neat kitbash. Nice job. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Steve 4 Painting

    Steve 4 Painting TrainBoard Member

    ...some color and some Cartier decals on wrong engines with wrong road numbers and wrong trucks (I need Dofasco and the Hi-Add trucks for this engines...)



  9. GP30

    GP30 TrainBoard Member

    I detailed and painted a bachmann Spectrum GP35 into CP&E 4379. yellow cab, trucks and such just liek the GP38 5611 i did a couple weeks ago.

    Still have 3 SD35's and an SD24 to do, but they will require a bit of work. Plan to add cut levers trainline hoses, replace the horns with Nathan 3-chime's, try and fit KD's to them and lube them (were slightly noisy and new in Box from 80's)
  10. Carl Sowell

    Carl Sowell TrainBoard Supporter

    One more late weekend posting. N-Trak module " Hoffa Cement ". [​IMG]


  11. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    This was an outdoor shot of a small diorama I built with the bridge for an article I wrote. I set up along the levy next to Bull Head Slough (they name drainage ditches around here) I touched it up a little in photoshop like getting rid of a concrete spillway coming down the bank from a pump station on the right. So the sky, water and horizon are mostly real.
  12. Helitac

    Helitac TrainBoard Member

    Very nice everyone; thanks for keeping me inspired while the drudgery of the "civil engineering" goes on and on and.
  13. Powersteamguy1790

    Powersteamguy1790 Permanently dispatched

    An SP 2-10-2 on the JJJ&E:




    Stay cool and run steam..... [​IMG] :cool: :cool:

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  14. Jon Grant

    Jon Grant TrainBoard Member

    I've been messing with an IHC 2-6-0 for the past few days.






    After (less some pipework and decals)



  15. Flash Blackman

    Flash Blackman Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Jon: Smooth and beautiful as usual. Wonderful modeling! [​IMG]
  16. Eagle2

    Eagle2 Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    PSG: An SP Santa Fe? Nice engine.

    I'd like to hear your opinion on how well it runs. Have a thought of maybe (someday) getting one and changing out the trailing truck to make a 2-10-4. Do you think that would be possible (based mostly on how the trailing truck is attached)
  17. Wolfgang Dudler

    Wolfgang Dudler Passed away August 25, 2012 TrainBoard Supporter In Memoriam

    Here's a big picture from Westport, classification tracks.
    Operation Llife Saver car is made by my friend Fons.


    Happy toooot
  18. r_i_straw

    r_i_straw Mostly N Scale Staff Member

    The Southern Pacific would never call any of their 2-10-2s "Santa Fe" types. [​IMG] They just called them "F"s. I think they had F1s, F2s and F3s. The Con Cor 2-10-2 is supposed to be one of the better running engines that they have sold in recent years. I would still test run before I bought though. I would wadger there are a few dogs in the batch.
  19. MP333

    MP333 TrainBoard Supporter

    Not too much news, but I did finish another reefer: :cool:
  20. Powersteamguy1790

    Powersteamguy1790 Permanently dispatched


    It's an SP 2-10-2 on the JJJ&E which is defined as an "F" class loco.

    The CC 2-10-2 runs very well. I had to add 7 grams of weight in the tender. I haven't had the usual barrage of minor problems that came as baggage with this loco. I t will pull 40+ cars on level track and about 30+ 40' boxcars up the 2% grades of the JJJ&E.

    The CC 2-10-2 is one big, heavy loco and has turned into the best performer, load wise in N scale.

    CC is coming out with ATSF 2-10-2 by the end of the year in two road numbers. It shouldn't be too difficult to add a rear truck to make it a 2-10-4.

    Micro-Ace makes a 2-10-4. It's a very nice loco.

    Stay cool and run steam.... [​IMG] :cool: :cool:

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