Weathering, is there a Super Book on weathering?

wozzek May 23, 2013

  1. wozzek

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    Just wondering if any members have a favorite book on how to weather trains, buildings etc. ?
  2. Kenneth L. Anthony

    Kenneth L. Anthony TrainBoard Member

    I don't have a book, but here is my index of published articles on weathering.

    weather parts on the sprue Model Railroader March06 p.94
    weather while you build- frt cars Model Railroader March06 p.94
    weather in 1 hour w airbrush paint & pastel powder
    Model Railroader Jan09. p.92
    Weathering cars w artists arcylics, _Model RRer_ Dec96 p.177
    Weathering a diesel, lightly Model Railroader April2011 p.24
    weathering diesels Model Railroader Sept2011 p.38

    weathering MOW eqpt, ModRRer Sept03 p.58
    Weathering w water base media _Mod RRer_ Nov89 p.88
    weathering boxcar roofs _Model Railroader_ Nov 2001 p.90
    boxcar weathering & detailing Model Railroader May 07 p.66
    weathering cement hoppers w real cement Model Railroader May09 p.22
    Weathering corrugated siding _Mod RRer_ July87 p.60
    weathering diesels, esp truck sideframes Model Railroader Nov 03 p.66
    weathering a diesel loco Model Railroader Apr2010 p.34
    weathering, EXTREME, of a PC boxcar _ModRRer_ June2001 p.66
    Weathering figures _Mod RRer_ Jan86 p.108
    "Weathering, freight car, quick and dirty" ModRRer Feb03 p.68
    weather a flatcar w paint and chalk Model Railroader June09 p.41
    weathering freight cars with washes, pastel chalks Model Railroad July08. p.44
    weathering freight car roofs _N Scale_ MayJune2001 p.60
    Weathering gallery- misc. techniques Model Railroader April2011 p.36
    Weather loco & cars w airbrush & thinned acrylic
    Model Railroader April2011 p.30
    Weathering steam loco Model Railroader April2011 p.38
    weathering locos Modeling RRs of the 1950s special MR issue 2005 p.18
    weathering a little bit at a time (rolling stock) Model Railroader July05 p.64
    weathering man-made wear and tear/ structures
    Railroad Model Craftsman Sept04 p.55
    weathering a resin PU truck Model RRer Aug2005 p.32
    Weather w artists oils Model Railroader April2011 p.31
    Weather w cosmetic applicators Model Railroader April2011 p.33
    Weather w dry brushing Model Railroader April2011 p.32
    Weather w powdered pastels Model Railroader April2011 p.32
    Weathering w real rust made from steel wool & vinegar
    _Model RRer_ Mar97 p.78
    weathering steel mill cars Model RRer Dec.02 p.112
    Weathering tank cars _RailModelJournal_ May97 p.4
    weathering with a wire brush, Model Railroader Oct04 p.24
    Weathering wooden boxcars Model Railroader Nov10 p.40
    weathering wood structures Model Railroader March 07 p.40
    weathering-dusty windows w white glue Model Railroader Jan08 p.43
    weathering plastic walls to old wood Model Railroader Jan08 p.42
    weathering tank cars from photos Model Railroader Nov07 p.58
    Weathering WHITE frt cars Model Railroader Nov2012 p.28 by Pelle S√łeborg
    Model Railroader Nov2012 p.289
    Weathering cars for individuality. Model Railroader April2012 p.32
    Weathering w airbrush. Model Railroader April2012 p.38
  3. wozzek

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    Thanks Kenneth I will definitely check these articles out.

    Cheers Dan J.
  4. wcfn100

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  5. nscalerone

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    Go onto "RustBucket"..............snoop around there. You'll learn more in a short time than ANY book can teach. Pay special attention to the "oil fade" weathering ROCKS!! and, is a whole lot simpler than it looks.
  6. BoxcabE50

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