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    Lately, I have been pulling out and watching video I shot between the late 80's and mid 2000's. It was all shot with a VHS camcorder. I transferred it all to DVD maybe 10 years or so ago and packed away all the VHS tapes. I had a lot of fun recording what I saw. In watching it, I am surprised at the things I saw that have faded from my memory. Since that time, I have shot very little since because it just doesn't seem the same but I am pondering trying to gather that up and put it on DVD as well. I'm guessing it is as simple as assembling all the files and making sure they are in a format my DVD/BluRay will play and burning them to the disc.

    Anyone else done this that would care to share what you did?

    Anyone here that still shoots a lot of video while railfanning?

    Maybe I just really liked the big camcorder experience or was it something else all together. Who know but thanks for reading my ramble. :)
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    I collected all of our 8mm Videotapes (an analog format, as shot by my wife with a Sony Handicam from the early 90s to the mid-2000s) and converted them to digital with a kit that contained a dongle. They turned out okay, but a strange video effect can be seen when a train passes closely by -- the video no longer flows smoothly, but is seen as if every other frame is missing. I'm guessing its because the closeness of the passing boxcars changes nearly every pixel on the screen and the dongle or my computer are overwhelmed. All is well with shots from a distance.

    I added subtitles with location and date to most all scenes.

    My wife shot the videos while I shot 35mm stills. She's quite good at videography and used a tripod on nearly every shot, so the quality of her videos is fine. We don't shoot videos anymore; I greatly enjoy digital photography today.
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    I mentioned Nurk over in the "cattle car" and Randon Photos thread... This is technically legal (except the time he LANDS) even though I think he pissed off the conductor! The rules and laws are fluid. Since trains are considered "critical infrastructure" getting this close or distracting the crew could be a problem (unless he had permission).

    Not your Grand Pappy's Super 8!!!

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