Using NCE Recall Function for more than 2 trains

steveeusd Jun 10, 2011

  1. steveeusd

    steveeusd TrainBoard Member


    The NCE Powercab I have allows me to recall two trains for easy control over them. Is there a way to use the recall function to recall more than two trains? The only way I see doing it is to give more than one train the same address per "recall setting" and toggle between the two recall options.

    Thanks for the help.

    Steve Williams
  2. Gats

    Gats Staff Member TrainBoard Supporter

    Steve, the PowerCab only has two recalls. You can select a third it replaces the first and when you want to recall first you need to 'select loco' it which will stop it (automatically starts at speed step 0). The same will happen when you want to call the new third train not in the recall stack.

    If you are running DecoderPro through the USB adaptor and a PC, you can have up to 10 virtual throttles in DecoderPro as well as the two recalls on the PowerCab.

    By having several trains with the same address you could toggle between 'sets' of trains but you still don't have individual control within those sets. Unless the sets are speed matched, probably not a good thing to do.
  3. Harron

    Harron TrainBoard Supporter

    I'm not as familiar with the PowerCab, but I seem to recall the ProCab with the Powerhouse Pro system can recall up to six. There is a setting you have to change somewhere on the cab setup, as the default is (was) two.
  4. woodone

    woodone TrainBoard Member

    Like Gary said, the Power Cab only has two recalls.
    I am not sure that is a bad thing to tell you the truth.
    I upgraded my Power Cab with a Smart Booster, which lets you have 6 cab recalls.
    When I first got set up I went to the cab setting and set up for 6 recalls-
    I found that when I was running several trains the recall (when I had 6 to recall from) was very hard for me to get to the locomotive I needed to stop -start- what ever was way to hard for me. I have gone back to just 2 recalls- I can select a new loco# just as easy as doing a recall for a loco.
  5. jhn_plsn

    jhn_plsn TrainBoard Supporter

    Having six would be nice, but for convenience sake. I think some people think that because you can recall six you can run six locos/consists, you can, but I think of the recall feature as simply a convenient way to call up my most used consists or locos. I would love to have more recalls available to me.
    I have the old SB3, which does not expand the recall stack, and I do look forward to the upgrade to the new SB3a for this reason.

    For now 2 is enough and it probably keeps me out of trouble. Not to say I never try to run with the Powercab and a couple utility throttles just to see if I can get the system to shut down. Hasn't yet.

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