USA Trains Custom Run Bulkheads?

DragonFyreGT May 12, 2010

  1. DragonFyreGT

    DragonFyreGT TrainBoard Member

    In the G-Scale section of eBay there is some "Custom Run Bulkheads" in Rio Grande, ATSF, C&NW, and NYC. Is this actually a Custom Run or are people using the term "Custom" to sell a product again?
  2. EMD trainman

    EMD trainman TrainBoard Member

    I recognize that seller and those bulk head flat cars. The seller is well known and is legit. But in the same token the cars are actually custon run flat cars that came in bulk lots and are not individially boxed. The seller and others were coming up with ideas to make them more sellable such as putting cars, trucks, helicopters, boats, construction equipment etc. The ideas dried up and the flat cars didn't sell.

    Now you will notice especially on the Rio Grande bulk head flat car auction that the bulk head color does NOT match the rest of the flat car. Thats because the new fresh idea was to get USA Trains to send those bulk head parts and the seller and others basiclly made these bulk head cars. This is real easy since the ends just slip right on into the existing slots.

    I often see the words "RARE" and "LIMITED" and "CUSTOM" on the E store. But never have I seen these words abused SOOOoooooo much as I did in the past couple of weeks. There are sellers actually advertising common USA Trains reefer cars from part numbers R16250 to R16320 as such and those were NOT limited or custom or custom. This makes me angry to see people mis-represent something just to sell it, but in these times there are people who become real close to being a con artist.

    My suggestion before buyig anything now on any auction site is to research it, we have a nice wonderful USA Trains registry and alot of knowledgable people on board to help everyone from being taken advantage of.

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